10 Trendy and Creative Wedding Boxes

Wedding boxes may seem inconsequential in the scheme of wedding planning. But nothing can be farther from the truth. Boxes for weddings are creative additions that go a long way to make your wedding the standard. To put your wedding in the sophistication and luxury category, a wedding box is essential for every stage of the wedding.

Ring boxes, cake boxes, bridal box subscription, bridesmaid’s proposal boxes, and more, the options are endless. With boxes as part of your wedding, you’ll be able to effectively pass your messages across. This is one of your guests, the wedding party, and even yourself will feel the mood of your wedding. Getting right to it, discover ways to incorporate wedding boxes at your wedding.

1. Ring boxes

Before now, people transported their wedding rings down the aisle on cushions. This is a new age and ring boxes are the latest wedding trend. The rings must be protected as it’s a symbol of the love that binds you. After the wedding, it will serve as a ring holder, positioned on your vanity. So when shopping, consider practicality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. There’s a ring box to suit every personality.

2. Bridal subscription boxes

Every intending bride wishes for a stress-free wedding planning. This wish will come true if you have the best bridal boxes in your corner. For instance, Bridal subscription boxes like Miss to Mrs. Box is a service with ways of helping you de-stress while planning effectively. It offers nine themed boxes with items to match specific wedding stages. This begins from the engagement till the honeymoon, serving as a guide and fun buddy.

These themes are split into four plans; monthly, accelerated, extended, and quarterly plans. The content in the boxes is carefully curated. They contain beauty essentials, decor, wedding tips, planners and inspiration, spa essentials, bridal merch, vow books, and more. This is a deserving wedding gift.

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3. Trendy wedding shoe-boxes

It is common knowledge that a maid of honor will gift the bride a box with the wedding shoes. After the wedding, the bride will want to preserve her beloved shoes. Whichever category you fall, opt for unique wedding boxes. Check out aromatic cedarwood boxes that are resistant to decay, moisture, and insect decay. You can also opt for a rhinestone coated taffeta wedding shoe box. For the princess bride, an acrylic sparkling box is a dream. Throw in your tiara and bouquet to complete the beautiful sight.

4. Bridesmaid proposal boxes

It’s an honor to be a bridesmaid, but you must propose in style. Extract a “YES” from your girls by curating sentimental bridesmaid proposal boxes. Choose memorable gifts that are surprising, treasurable or one that they can wear on your wedding day. Pampering essentials, your friendship mementos, jewelry, and even wine bottles are options. They will remember these proposal boxes for the thought behind them.

5. Bridesmaids thank-you boxes

Pulling off a successful wedding takes its toll on everyone involved. But some of the people directly in the line of fire are your bridesmaids. They were with you all the way and had your back. They spent their time, money, and sweat to make your dream a reality.  So it’s only nice that you say thank you. Do this in the most unique way by presenting bridesmaids boxes with a gift. You may also curate bespoke gifts for more effect, instead of one item. Surprise your best girls with whole boxes of goodies.

6. Wedding cake boxes

Wedding cakes are beauties to behold and their boxes hype the attraction. Following the end of the wedding, you could choose to send your guests home with delicious slices of cake. Do these with designs of wedding cake boxes that match the style of your wedding. Choose something personalized like floral gem initials boxes, fern motif boxes, hearts with initials, and more. This move will help make your wedding unforgettable.

7. Wedding favor boxes

Wedding favor boxes are stylish, adding a pop of your wedding colors to reception tables. From modern to vintage, rustic, classic, or bohemian, there’s something perfect for your wedding theme. Up the wedding flair by using boxes that have coordinating table numbers, favor tags, and reception items. For perfect personalization, include your wedding color, favorite fonts, and even photos.

8. Wedding card-hold boxes

Wedding card boxes are perfect decor tools for your welcome table. Even more, it serves as a cardholder where the guests can drop their wedding cards and wishes. They’re also functional post-wedding for securing mementos such as garter and programs. So you see? A wedding card box is essential.

Match your card boxes to suit your theme in diverse styles and colors. Choose styles like a wireframe card box or burlap designs to activate the rustic vibe. The insanely gorgeous wood barrel card box is perfect for vintage or modern theme. Unique wedding card box styles are custom made to leave a touch of class on your wedding decor.

9. Wedding invitations boxes

Wedding invitation boxes may make your invitation suite more expensive. But they make your presentation look unique and custom made. They will also help protect cute looking invites all the way to the recipients.

There are many invitation box ideas depending on your wedding style. Acrylic invitation boxes are perfect for modern and chic weddings. For a nautical affair, opt for boxes with moss hues and motifs. Making invites in leather bonded books and sending them off in wooden boxes is vintage wedding perfect. You can also turn on the rustic charm with white and brown paper boxes.

10. Wedding dress storage boxes

Your wedding dress costs good money and has sentimental value. After the wedding, you may decide to sell, give out, or keep it. But whatever the case, you can’t simply hang it in your wardrobe. It must be preserved from light, dust, moisture, water, and in good condition. This is where wedding dress boxes come to the rescue. 

Wedding box options include breathable wedding dress garment boxes. You can also opt for storage boxes that double as carrying bags or acid-free muslin garment boxes. You can also lookup other options on Etsy or Amazon.

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