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How To Perfect Your Work From Home Look

Are you one of those women who spends roughly 45 mins to an hour thinking of what will you wear today for work? If so, you have come to the right place! We understand this and so here’s a list of best Instagram Fashion Influencers who we have put together so you can follow them based on your style and get your Work From Home outfit ideas!

Modest Styling

If you love to dress modestly and look fashionable at the same time follow Sebina Hussain / IG: @sebinaah for her modest chic and timeless styling ideas!


Urban Luxe Styling

If you are more into a “city girl look” who loves wearing comfortable clothes like hoodies and doesn’t mind throwing on a coat occasionally, follow Ellie. a Paris based influencer / IG: @slipintostyle as she is great with mixing denim with bright hues.


Vintage Styling

If you are someone who loves vintage clothing so much that she sometimes raids her mom’s closet for vintage pieces, you should definitely follow @frassayaudrey on Instagram as Audrey Leighton Rogers is a vintage style influencer and a photographer. You will love how she gives older pieces of clothing a new life through her effortless styling!


Fresh & Fun Styling

If you don’t work a corporate job and love wearing playful clothing, follow Jessica Wang / IG: @jessicawang on Instagram as she does a lot more than just posting #OOTD posts, she gives you tips and guides you how to wear the latest trends! Her expert styling will make you look daring, confident, and fashionable for every occasion.


Chic Styling

If you love dressing in pastels and bright hues you should definitely follow Kimberly Moffit, she is a relationship expert, a mother and CEO of KMA therapy, YouTuber: Ask Kimberly, but we love her fashion sense! She makes many styling videos on her Instagram and Youtube channel that you can watch and learn from! She takes the simplest pieces and puts them together into an elegant chic outfit! Check out her Instagram: @kimberlymoffit


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