Lily James Boyfriend 2023: Who is Lily Dating Now?

Lily James stole the hearts of every princess lover back in 2015 with her hit film Cinderella. Since then, James has continued to dance, sing, and act her way into hit movies such as Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018), Yesterday (2019), and Baby Driver (2017), only making us love her more. As Lily James continues to entrap audiences with her wide range of talent, we start to wonder, for all the falling in love we’re doing with her who is lucky enough to be catching the eye of this young and talented actress? James does not have a long list of lovers, but she does have some interesting ones. Let’s take a look.

Jack Fox (2011-2012)

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Unfortunately, there is not much to say about James’ first public relationship. This comes down to the fact that both Jack Fox and James were new to the Hollywood industry, and James was still in the beginning stages of working her way up the latter of fame. We can assume the short-lived relationship started in London where both celebrities are from, but most likely died out as their careers took off.

Matt Smith (2014-2019)

Dr. Who and Cinderella was not a couple I would have predicted. The two met in 2014 when they stared in the movie Pride and Prejudice and Zombies together. Apparently the classic film with an apocalyptic twist was enough to spark a romance between the two celebrities. After filming ended they were spotted together in London, and their relationship only flourished from there. It became clear in 2018 that the two were quite serious as a couple when he brought up wanting kids and being on the right track to do so in an interview. This interview was followed by rumors that the two were secretly engaged, which would not have shocked fans since both celebrities are quite private. However, sadly their relationship came to an end in 2019. Neither James nor Smith came out with an official statement, but rumors say Lily was uncomfortable with many of the friendships Smith held with other women. It has also been said by anonymous sources that she was not as keen on the idea of kids as Smith was, ultimately leading to their breakup. It’s okay 2019 Lily, personally I think 2020 Lily does just fine for herself in the dating department.

Chris Evans (2020)

This year has done nothing but hit us where it hurts over and over again, so imagine everyone’s surprised delight when we see our lovely Miss James with none other than America’s favorite ass, Chris Evans! Evans is most well known for his recurring role as Captain America within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Neither celebrity has confirmed the relationship, but rumors about the two started when they were photographed leaving her apartment and hanging out together in London while eating ice cream at the park. This is the quarantine love story I didn’t know I needed until now, and you better believe I’m hanging onto the hope that the rumors are true.

The answer to if Lily James is officially off the market or not is still in the air. However, if I can’t find love during a global pandemic, I absolutely would not mind Lily James finding it with Chris Evans.