Enrolling for Official Training Course and Using Practice Tests for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam

If you want to get the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification, you need to know that it tests the candidate’s ability to manage the organization’s Azure deployment. Certifying your skills in AZ-400 Exams is an important undertaking, especially now that most businesses are moving to Cloud. With any Azure credential, you portray yourself as a reliable administrator who can conveniently meet the expectations of your company. This credential requires only one exam for taking, which is Microsoft AZ-104. Before you can schedule this test, it is important to understand some key concepts. Keep reading this guide in order to be well-set for the important certificate.

Microsoft AZ-104: Target audience

The MATEO F test is intended for those individuals who have expertise regarding the implementation, management, and monitoring of the Microsoft Azure setup. Successfully passing this exam implies that you can implement, operate, and monitor storage, identity, governance, compute, and virtual networks in Cloud. As an Azure administrator, you form an important part of the entire team involved in deploying Cloud infrastructure for an organization.

To successfully sit for MATEUSZ V, you need at least six months of experience with the platform. That will help you understand the exam content in detail. Make sure that you have proper mastery of Azure workloads, Azure services, security, and governance. In addition, you may want to undertake the relevant training to equip you with all the basic details. Furthermore, going through practice tests and exam dumps a few days to the scheduled date gives you a clear picture of what to expect.

Microsoft AZ-104: Exam structure

Microsoft RAY T is the only certification exam that you need to pass for the credential. It has about 40-60 questions and lasts for 150 minutes to let you earn 700 points as the passing score. The questions in this test follow a sequence intended to measure certain skills. The essence of this sequence is to evenly evaluate your competence in the vital areas. These domains cover the following topics that you should master:

  • Azure identities and governance – 15-20%;
  • Azure compute resources – 25-30%;
  • Storage – 10-15%;
  • Virtual networking – 30-35%;
  • RUDI G – 10-15%.
  • Microsoft AZ-104: Preparation options

    As part of your preparation for this test, you may want to undertake the relevant training. Different institutions offer the required prep options, including the instructor-led course that Microsoft recommends for the potential candidates. You may enroll for it via the official website considering that some experts take part in setting the exam questions. As a result, they know which skills need more emphasis.

    As you enroll for this course, make sure that you meet the following prerequisites:

  • You can confidently explain on-premises virtualization technologies, such as virtual hard disks, virtual networking, and VMs;
  • You know about network configurations, comprising Domain Name System, encryption technologies, firewalls, WESLEY B , and TCP/IP;
  • You understand the AD concepts, including users, user groups, and role-based access control;
  • You understand different operations such as backup and restore.
  • Microsoft offers free training for the students without these skills to get them well prepared. Viewing practice tests and exam dumps may also help them during their prep process.


    The Microsoft AZ-104 test is an integral part of becoming a certified Azure administrator. Mastering the exam structure helps you know how best to prepare and how using reliable resources can help with the task. So, consider the recommendations above and you will succeed!