14 New Eco-friendly Products You Should Try

There are tons of new Eco-friendly products available in the market. They are openly advertised and some may cost a little bit more than usual but if it is for Mother Nature, why not?

People take part in different organizations or groups with different missions and visions. About supporting products that promote sustainability, only 26% show support in contradiction to the survey. 

Every day, you encounter advertisements on a new phone, a new car, and updated styles from various clothing lines. If you don’t come across with these advertisements, you must have tried googling it.

But, have you considered searching on the new products that could make you a better habitant of the Earth?

Different Categories on Eco-friendly Products

So, are you one of those who are willing to give an extra effort for the environment? If your answer is yes, here are some of the things you should consider buying because a little gesture will go a long way.

You can use environment-friendly products almost everywhere like at home, in the office, or even when you travel.

Home Essentials


Families spend more quality time while eating home-cooked meals. Some may invite friends over and you happen to need more plates, bowls, cutlery, and cups.

In this case, opt to use compostable utensils to serve your guests. Plastic plates or paper plates that are used once and get thrown away are not recommended.

Biodegradable Waste Bag

Most of the households use waste bags.

Apart from the biodegradable waste bags at home, those who have dogs can also choose to purchase an eco-friendly waste bag.

This is just right for your pet’s poop whenever you go for a walk.

Organic Bedding

It is good to know that you can still support sustainable products even when you’re asleep. You can go organic with some available bedding that can still give you comfort.


Garden Pots

It is refreshing to have a garden full of plants because it could be stress-relieving. Instead of using plastic and rubber pots, decide to use the biodegradable version.

If you want, you can use these ports indoors. Plants inside the house will be a good accent and good for air circulation.

Lounge Chairs

Do you like having some fresh air in your backyard? Are you looking for a stylish chair to add a little spice to your garden? You can match your biodegradable garden pots with a classy recycled plastic lounge chair.

Solar-Powered Decorations and Equipment

Use the sun’s energy during the day to light up your garden at night with the solar-powered garden lights. 

Moreover, a convenient way to water your garden is through a solar-powered sprinkler, too.

Some other garden equipment that works through solar radiation are grills and lawnmowers.

Beauty Basics

Organic Skincare and Cosmetics

Certainly, a lot of people are very conscious of skincare routine and can’t even go out without makeup on.

You will not be judged if you enhance your beauty like this. But it would be better if you consider skincare and cosmetic products that have a vision in nurturing the planet.

Cotton Swab

Applying your eyeliner or removing a smudge? This reusable cotton swab with a biodegradable case is a go-to makeup applicator. 

Of course, it is commonly used to clean your ears. But you may buy a different set exclusively for your make up. Besides, it can last for a long time.

Cotton Rounds

The waste from makeup removal can also be harmful to the planet.

With this, a reusable cotton round is available that can replace 1000 single-use cotton rounds. Removing your make-up can’t be this friendlier to the environment.

Personal Items


Comfort is not just buying clothes from a high-end clothing line. 

You can achieve comfort and style through clothes that were produced through recycled plastic bottles perhaps. Some brands use organic cotton, too.

And so, stroll with these kinds of clothes with pride and guilt-free.

Drinking Bottles

This may be a common way of protecting the environment while saving money.

Having reusable drinking bottles with you wherever you go can help you avoid buying water in plastic bottles. Plus, you can still be classy as you can choose any design or specifications you want.

Wooden Accessories 

Do you fancy wearing a watch, a pair of earrings, or bracelets every day? You can try using the wooden versions that could match any garment you wear.

Reusable Tissue

Good news to those people who can’t go out of the house without tissue or wet wipes. There is a sophisticated and handy tissue pack available in the market that can be used to more than 2000 times.

The case is made of silicon in different colors. Furthermore, it is totally recyclable.

Sustainable Lifestyle through Eco-friendly Products

You may need to reassess your lifestyle. How much waste do you throw unhesitatingly, every day?

If you are worried about the future, then show concern by being ecological. Your protection towards the environment can promote a healthier life.

And so, enjoy and learn a greener way through these reusable products. The small choices you make can impact significantly to attain an eco-friendlier future.

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