6 Stay At Home Girl’s Night Ideas That Make The Night Go From Boring To Rocking

With everything that is happening going out can be sometimes a hard thing. Finding reservations is hard, to begin with, and then there are table time limits and minimum amounts you have to pay. Now that you have a headache from just trying to figure out where to eat or what bar to have drinks at you’ve decided to stay home. Hosting friends can be tricky, you want to save money but you also want to recreate the same experience that you would when out. Don’t worry we have your back, here are a few ideas ranging in all different prices.

Fancy Wine Night with Charcuterie

A table with a charcuterie board in the middle some drinks surrounding it and hands reaching in to get food.


In the past wine has been drunk at the pregame while doing your hair and makeup. Now it’s time to grab a couple of bottles and some of your favorite fixings to make a charcuterie board. Make sure you get some sort of bread or crackers, some cured meats, some cheeses, some fruit, vegetables, and a spread such as a fig spread. This covers all dietary restrictions by including something for everything and completes all the taste profiles needed for your board. Put on a fire in the fireplace or firepit and get ready to enjoy it.

Create Your Own Dinner

Tortillas on a plate in the center with beans, cheese, avocados, peppers, limes and herbs surrounding them making a make your own taco.


This works best with a bowl such as a taco bowl, nacho bowl, grain bowl and it also works with flatbreads, pasta, and pizzas. Grab an array of ingredients and lay them in bowls. For example, if you are doing flatbreads then place out a bowl with sauce, a bowl with toppings, and a plate with your flatbreads. Put on some fun music and grab some drinks and allow you and your friends to have fun creating their own dinner.

Baking Night

Sugar cookie dough being cut out into heart and star shapes with flour in a strainer.


This is similar to the create your own dinner but with any treat of your choice. Bake an array of sugar cookies then layout chocolate, marshmallows, pretzels, and icing. Then allow your friends to decorate. Nothing is better than topping a cookie with something you want and getting to devour it after.

Movie Night

Five friends sitting outside with blankets in front of a large movie screen.


To take this simple idea to the next level grab a white sheet and hang it up outside and get yourself a projector. Layout some towels and a small table with snacks, dinner, or drinks. This is the perfect social distancing idea but as it gets colder bring the party inside and make a snack table to accompany your movie. Make sure to have bunches of pillows and blankets to make it as comfy as possible.

Fancy Dinner

Five friends standing around a table of food with drinks.


Most of us haven’t dressed up in a while. I love my sweatpants but sometimes its fun to remember that you can look all fancy. Host a fancy dinner night with all your friends. The best part about this is you’re not going anywhere after so eat up! Begin with drinks and appetizers. Some great ideas are mulled wine, bacon-wrapped figs filled with goat cheese, and bruschetta. Then bring out an amazing main course. If cooking isn’t your thing then grab some takeout and place it on fancy plates and bowls…no one will know the difference.

Sunset Hike

Two people on a hike with a sun setting in front of them.


If the weather allows, a great way to change up the scenery and get out is to take a hike around sunset. The view is always beautiful, it won’t be too hot and it’s more of a calming experience than a vigorous workout. A perfect way to end this sunset hike is with an amazing picnic. Sandwiches are the typical picnic food, but a bottle of wine and a charcuterie board could also complete this night.

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