Top 5 Ways To Stay Motivated While Unemployed

The year 2020 has caused the public to face a variety of issues that have made life difficult for many. One of the most common problems has been unemployment. All around the world people lost their jobs and/or future job opportunities. Employers everywhere were forced to tell many of their workers that they were going to be laid off due to the toll the virus had taken on our economy. Many college students who were graduating with a job waiting for them or had interviews lined as they entered the working world with a degree in hand were told they were no longer going to be hired and are out of luck. The rug was pulled out from many of us and the long and painful journey of applying for jobs in a downward spiraling economy started.

From personal experience, I will tell you I had a hard time staying motivated after my job offer was rescinded. I was crushed as I packed my bags, no longer able to pay rent since my part-time job as a bartender had also been shut down. I reluctantly moved back home to live with my parents and sister. With this move, I lost all motivation to get back out there and look for jobs. It took a whole two months of staying at home unemployed and sharing a bedroom with my sibling to find the motivation I needed to start again. Just because you rediscover that spark though doesn’t mean its easy to maintain, especially when jobs are scarce. Due to this, I want to share a few ways in which I’ve kept myself motivated.

Remember Why You Chose This Career Path


Everyone has that dream job that you’ll do anything for. So if you have to put it on hold as a profession for a while, pursue it in your free time. Remember why you love what you do so much. Personally, for me, I was able to reignite that spark by forcing myself to write. The more I did so, the more I remembered why I fell in love with it. I started new projects and read new books on how to better myself as a writer, all activities I never used to have time for. This will also simultaneously make you more prepared for when the time does come to start a new job!

Better Your Resume


Your resume is what sells you. One of the first things I did when I got back on the application horse was looking at what I could fix on my resume. Turns out you can always make it better! Something as simple as making it more aesthetically pleasing can make all the difference for employers. Don’t be afraid to show off and tell them how great you are. Remember, you are desirable, and revamping your resume can go a long way as you submit applications.

Use Rejection As a Way To Learn


You’ve done it. You’ve submitted your application and now you have to play the waiting game. You’re almost positive you’re a shoo-in and there’s no way they can say no. Well, they can. Trust me, I know. However, instead of making this a moment of discouragement and frustration, use it as a way to learn. You can always ask them why it is you weren’t hired. What was it that made you weaker than other candidates? What were your strengths? Criticism is never easy, but it will make you better in the long run if you can find it in yourself to use it as a tool to improve.

Pursue Internships


I get it. We all thought our internship days were long gone once we graduated. Well, it turns out with both a poor and extremely competitive job market this might be the way to go for recent college graduates. Internships will allow you to build your resume and flex your skills as you continue applying for jobs. It will also give you some semblance of a schedule, which can be hard to have when all of a sudden you have more free time than you ever wanted. Having a steady schedule is key to staying on task during this time.

Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself


This might be the hardest task of all, but it also might be the most important. You are most likely not going to get the first job you apply for right now. Businesses are just getting back on their feet and you are up against a lot of people with one common goal: get paid. It will take time, but that’s okay, don’t get too frustrated with yourself. Do you need a break for a day? Take it. You deserve it. Just remember to believe in yourself and not get too down.

So now that you have some idea of what you can do to stay motivated during such a frustrating time, I wish you all the luck in the world with your job search. You’ll get there!


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