3 Tips That Help Make Picking Your Major Easier

So you’ve been accepted to college but you applied undecided or checked off something random because you really didn’t want to think about your future just yet. Well, no matter how close graduation is you will never want to think about your future so it is best to plan ahead so the ride is a bit less bumpy. People are convinced that your college major is what will define your work life and your career post-graduation, but it really won’t. So many people go on to more school or jobs that are completely different from what their college plans were. So hopefully that helps ease your worry.

1. Figure out what you like to do

A woman typing on a type writer and the paper says Do What You Love


The best way to enjoy your job is to take what you love and get paid for it. If starting your own business sounds fun, then major in business. You don’t just have to take a business degree and work for someone else, you can work for yourself, and thats the beauty of work. If there isn’t something you absolutely love, find something you are good at. Work will be a bit less painful if the tasks are easy.

2. Look at your grades

It is the bottom corner of a scantron test with an A+ and a pencil.


Take a look at your grades and see what you did well in. If you have taken multiple English classes and you see over time you consistently received good grades then maybe that is a route for you to take. The same could go for your history classes. Your grades throughout all your years in school can be really helpful, its perfect evidence.

3. Look at your options within those majors

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Take to the internet! Google what you can do with the major. I promise there is more to a major than the obvious. For example, I am an English major so everyone asks if I’m going to be a teacher. Frankly, no one wants me to teach their kids I can promise that. But I continued to job search and see what I could do with it and there are endless options beyond the classroom.

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