TikTok’s Clock Has Finally Run Out, Maybe

As we all know, the war on TikTok has been waging on for quite a while now. With talk close to coming to an end on the us-based company oracle buying them, it seemed the site might have escaped the persecution of endangering Americans security and the threat of being banned from the US. However, it seems the president is set on keeping with his goal.

To catch you up, TikTok is accused of miss using the information it collects and endangering Americans, private and personal information, thus endangering national security. TikTok, the company, initially owned and operated by ByteDance, has denied the allegations and, in fact, has sued to stop the ban.

According to the New York Times On September 20th, 2020, TikTok is set to begin with a restriction in new customers’ ability to download it. Existing users will still have the ability to use the app though not with any updates or maintenance.

There is hope on the horizon for TikTok. At the same time, most of the more drastic sanctions the president wants to apply will have to wait until the November elections. It is said that TikTok has the ability to appeal the discussion and reclaim its full operating strength before November 12th. November 12th is the US’s true deadline to review the new deal with oracle and make sure that TikTok is in line with everything the government requires it to be.

For those who want it, my advice, download it now to have some access. If not, you may either be waiting a few weeks or never see it again.