The Most Used Fashion Accessory Of 2020: Face Masks

Now with the city open once again and back on its feet, from only outdoor dining to 25 % capacity indoor dining being permitted, from working from home to going back to work we all have certainly changed many of our habits, and wearing a mask at all times is definitely one of them! A face mask is definitely the most used fashion accessory of this year as no matter how different we all dress, there’s one common element in each of our outfits is that of a face mask. Fashion-forward people such as models and influencers go the extra mile and pair their outfits with matching and our haute couture designers and favorite fashion brands have noticed this important change in style and have started rolling out their trendy versions of designer face masks. Here are a few of them, have a look:

Louis Vuitton

This recently launched LV Monogram Face Shield costs a whopping $961.


Off-White has also launched its “Masks” collection. This Iconic Arrow Face Mask by Off-White costs $105.

Collina Strada

This vibrant Collina Strada Face Mask with cute bow details costs a $100.

Tory Burch

Tory Burch is selling one of the most inexpensive designer masks out in the market by setting a price of $35 for a set of 5 masks!


This Airism Face Mask by Uniqlo comes in a pack of 3 for just $14.90. These masks are breathable, washable, and are ideal for summer!

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