Why Students Around The World Like K-pop

Originated in South-Korea, K-Pop (Korean Pop) is a mixed music genre influenced by styles and genres around the world on top of traditional Korean music roots. The sound is a new popular music ascended from various genres like experimental, rock, jazz, hip hop, folk, and country. The term K-pop is famous in both music and fashion as well. A considerable number of K-pop fans worldwide celebrate its events in the most loyal and even in the most insane way. Mostly teenagers and students are a massive fan of this music culture and form large communities worldwide. 

International students considering themselves a part of the K-pop subculture’s global phenomena share their knowledge and experience on eastern and K-pop culture. Students are obsessed with K-pop music and also enjoy reading and writing essays about it. You can find examples of such essays on https://eduzaurus.com/free-essay-samples/kpop/. The insanely obsessed fans form many types of clubs and conduct events occasionally. Many articles and essays written by college and university students can be found for one’s reading pleasure. Here are some of the reasons why students like K-pop around the world. 


The Chinese term Hallyu meaning “Korean Wave,” is the increase in South Korean culture’s popularity across the world, first driven by Korean dramas and followed by Korean pop. It encompasses music, fashion, movies, drama, to online games. It has become somewhat of a global trend to follow the Korean culture, be it clothing or music or movie or anything Korean.

Fashion and costumes:

One of the strengths of K-pop is the use of creative costumes and colors along with slick choreography in its music videos. As Korea’s clothing and stylish fashion is famous, their attractive performers use it in their music videos creatively and fascinatingly, giving it an additional boost for making a significant impact across the globe.

Addicting Melodies:

K-pop is spiced with a distinctive blend of addictive melodies that don’t just entertain the audience but allure and reel them. The melody can attract and seduce anybody listening, even though one may not even begin to understand the lyrics and the essence of the song. The listener just flows with the sweet blend of the melody.

K-pop artists:

K-pop artists are groomed and mentored by managers for years before their debut. They go through rigorous training and practice before their performance. Even the writers go through such training exercises before taking their compositions to performance. Such intensive training is the key to making even the young artists seasoned by the time they debut and produce a fascinating sweet blended, addictive composition.

Continuous improvement:

K-pop is already famous, but it doesn’t just enjoy its popularity. Instead, it focuses on continuous development and improvement. It puts forward highly talented individuals and groups with their original concept. The artists also work hard on their way to an idol, as it requires a high level of creativity, dedication, and fantastic performance. The global hits like PSY, Exo, Blackpink and BTS, and other high concept groups are examples of continuous improvements of K-pop.

K-pop is a part of the global movement of the Korean Wave, which is accepted globally. Most of its fans are teenagers and students from school and college. By falling in love with K-pop, they have created interest clubs and committees to show their undying love for the K-pop culture. Since Korean music is full of creativity and free of plagiarism from the writers, more and more listeners join in the craze of these pop stars. From buying their posters to seeing their faces on papers every day, the K-pop is here to stay!