4 Ways To Improve Concentration During Zoom Classes

School has always been one of those things that some will love and others will despise. Everyone goes into the academic year knowing what subjects they will struggle with and hate and which ones they will excel at and enjoy. They have their favorite classroom teachers that make them want to either engage in the course or sit in the back of the classroom with their head down. However, in the year 2020, I believe every student regardless of their initial pre-pandemic school opinions can agree about one thing involving their new school regimen. It is HARD to pay attention to zoom classes all day while sitting in the distracting comfort of your own home.

I had to do virtual learning myself back in April when colleges sent students home due to the rapid spreading of the virus, and my poor 11-year-old sister is STILL doing it now for an unforeseeable amount of time. Now look, I get it. I would rather hear my sister is bored instead of sick. I don’t know what I’d do if I ever got that news. So don’t take what I am saying the wrong way, I completely endorse doing what is necessary to keep students safe. However, that doesn’t mean that I don’t sympathize with the struggles that come with the new hybrid or completely remote school schedules. Luckily for my sister, since this is something I have some experience in, I was able to think of strategies that might keep her more engaged with what’s happening on the screen instead of around her.

Office Space


Before school started I talked to my parents about getting my sister her own corner of the house that would solely be used for zoom classes. An area that is isolated, quiet, and not associated with anything other than work. We got her a desk that is just big enough to fit her computer and a notebook on. We put a large laminated calendar that she can use erasable markers on so she can write down her schedule and keep track of assignments.  She was hesitant to use it at first but has come to love it. She now happily keeps all her textbooks in her little office space and enjoys the minimum distractions.

Utilize The Time In Between Zooms


Back in April when my sister was completely remote, as were all kids, she just waited at her computer in-between zoom classes. By the time her days were over information was going in one ear and out the other. This made homework assignments a lot harder to complete, as she retained little information. This year we sat down and thought of ways for her to get some energy out in between classes, which can be hard since she only has about 5 minutes. We came up with running laps around the house and jumping on the trampoline. This sounds silly but it did wonders. It didn’t fix all of her problems of course, but she was paying a little bit more attention when she was able to get some energy out instead of just sitting there all day.

Replace Your Laptop Screen With Something Bigger


Staring at the small screen of your laptop all day not only makes it harder to pay attention, but it also hurts your eyes. That’s why I highly recommend digging up an old computer monitor or using the television in your house as a way to make whatever is on their laptop screen bigger. It’s simple enough to do as long as you own an HDMI cable. It ended up working so well for my sister that I started doing it for my projects. It minimizes headaches and blurry vision and enhances focus.

Have Snacks At The Ready


I have never been able to pay attention when I’m hungry, and the same goes for my sister and many of her friends. While snacks were allowed in most classes before the pandemic, students have now been told no snacking during in-person or remote learning, as it has become a hassle and is too distracting. Due to this, by the time lunch rolls around she is hungry and grumpy. We started taking her grocery shopping with us to pick up quick and easy snacks she’d like so she can eat between classes, which ended up making the world of difference. They don’t have to be unhealthy snacks either, as my sister loves getting fruits and vegetables for her zoom breaks.

Look, it’s obvious that virtual learning, regardless of the degree a student is doing it at, is never going to be ideal. It makes it easier for kids to get distracted, which in turn sets them up to struggle not just in their current classes, but future ones as well. That is why it’s so important for them to keep as much focus as possible. I know these tips won’t fix everything, but at the very least they will help with the bare minimum.

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