10 Must-Have Pieces For Fall Every Girl Needs

As the fall of 2020 has officially begun and most of us are back in school and workplace living the new 2020 normal. After surviving one of the most memorable years of our lives it is time to make the rest of this year memorable by a great sense of style. So, we prepared a list of fashion pieces every girl needs to have in her fall wardrobe. Check out the items we have picked out!

1. The Leather Jacket


A timeless piece perfect for the transitioning period. With a leather jacket, you are always safe fashionwise. Weather with jeans and a simple T-shirt for a casual stroll or a dress for a night out, the leather jacket will keep you warm and give that extra edgy look we all like.

2. Blazer


If you are a fashionista, you will be wearing one this fall. Whether for a more professional look or a casual one, blazers are the IT piece every Instagram fashionista has. From oversized to perfectly tailored, worn casually with jeans or in a suit ensemble, the blazer will make you look chic and smart.

3. Buttondown Blouse


Whether you prefer a more casual one or a more elegant one, a buttondown is perfect both for school or work. If you are both in school and may be working in an office after, this item will have you look appropriate at all times. And as it has long sleeves it will cover you up through fall and in colder months a jumper over it will give you that extra warmth.

4. Boots


They come in all shapes and sizes and are just perfect for the transitioning period into the colder months. Boots just give a sense of personality to an outfit and depending on your personal style, there is a boot just made for you. From military boots to over the knee, flat ones, or with a heel, boots complement an outfit and will cover you up.

5. Turtleneck


A knitted turtleneck will cover you up and keep you warm in the colder months. It is so easy to style, with a blazer or a leather jacket, with jeans or a skirt, dressed up or down. This piece is a no brainer when it comes to styling. Get one and you’ll thank yourself later for listening to our advice.

6. Jeans


No matter your shape and size, there is a pair of jeans for everyone. With this versatile item, you are always ready to rock the streets or runways. Jeans truly are items that come in many different cuts, colors, and styles. Whether you’re more elegant, punk, or boho-chic, jeans are a favorite that can be dressed up and down.

7. Flats


What to wear if it is too cold for summer shoes but, still to warm for boots? Loafers and ballet flats are the solutions for those warm fall days. If you have a more girly style, you’ll probably prefer flats. But, if you love incorporating menswear and want to look elegant, loafers will help you pull that off.

8. Sneakers


The most comfortable shoes in a girl’s closet can also be some of the most fashionable ones. Sneakers come in many styles and can be paired with probably every outfit. If you’re into trends an ugly pair of sneakers is already part of your wardrobe. If you are more the classy elegant type, then a leather sneaker shoe would be your top pic.

9. Trenchcoat


A timeless piece that will make the transition more stylish than ever is the trenchcoat. If you still don’t have this iconic piece in your closet now is the time to get one. Not only will this piece make you look elegant and professional but it will be a staple for many years to come.

10. A Knitted Dress


Need a change from all off the jeans and pants outfits? Want something more feminine in your closet? A knitted dress for the colder months might just become your favorite piece. We recommend a midi-length black one because it will keep you warm and is easy to style.

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