Kanye & Taylor Swift Team Up After Long-Standing Feud

It is no secret that Kanye West and Taylor Swift have a complicated relationship that started back in 2009 when he interrupted her VMA victory speech to point out that she did not deserve the award she had won. He claimed that while she was a good artist, it was Beyonce who deserved to win. Kanye’s speech sparked a decade long feud that has given fans of both artists whiplash. However, Swift’s disagreements with Kanye aren’t the only problems she has faced in her successful music career.

In 2019 Big Machine Label Group, Swift’s labeling company since the beginning announced that Scooter Braun had bought them out. Braun is a very well known manager among singers who works with artists such as Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West. News broke that Swift was not going to stay under Braun’s management and was leaving to join Universal Music Group’s Republic Record. However, the drama that was happening behind the scenes remained unmentioned until later, when Taylor took to Tumblr and Twitter, titling Braun as a “manipulative bully.” The singer attempted to buy all six of her self written albums back from him when he took over Machine Label, as she had no intention of letting him profit off her hard work, but he denied her. Swift was naturally outraged by this, as she had spent years putting everything she had into these albums.


Singers and celebrities took sides when this news became public, some showing support for Braun and others for Swift. Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and his wife Hailey Baldwin each made Instagram posts that tagged Swift and called her out for slandering Braun’s name. Celebrities such as Halsey, Iggy Azalea, and Cara Delevingne not only called these artists out on their posts but showed support for Swift using the trending hashtag, #WeStandWithTaylor, to keep the news circulating. Fans were surprised that among the artists taking sides in the debacle, Kanye was not one of them, as he has always been vocal about his dislike towards Taylor.

Swift and Kanye’s most recent feud was over his song 2016 song “Famous,” where he calls Taylor a b*tch. Kanye and Kim said he followed standard protocol and got Swift’s approval to have this as part of his song. Swift was very adamant that there was a phone call, but never was it mentioned to her that he would be using this sort of language to describe her. Kim and Kanye kept the feud petty over the years, until 2020 when a recording of the call was released. The recording proved Taylor was telling the truth about and was unaware of Kanye’s intentions.

After all of the drama, it came as a surprise when Kanye publicly vowed to “personally” get Swift her masters back from Braun on Twitter. Now let’s be real here. This particular claim is nowhere near the craziest thing Kanye has said this year. I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to ranking this news on his scale of sane to insane, but that didn’t mean fans weren’t any less shocked. Especially since it seems he is already talking to his lawyers on how to proceed with this. It appears that he is also looking into how to buy back his masters. Unfortunately, he also posted a picture of the strategy his lawyer is going to use in court on Twitter… followed by a video of him peeing in a toilet that has one of his Grammy awards in it. Posts such as these do nothing to help Kanye’s credibility, which he seemingly self squandered. We like to think it’s the thought that counts though. Now I’m sure that this gesture doesn’t mark the end for the long-standing Kanye vs. Swift feud, but for once we are glad to see them on the same side.

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