Madison Reyes Boyfriend 2022: Who is Madison Dating Now?

Madison Reyes and Charlie Gillespie are cast members of Netflix‘s Original Series Julie and the Phantoms who shared major on-screen chemistry. Reyes plays as a teen named Julie that has lost her passion for creating music until she meets ghost band members of Sunset Curve. The band consists of Luke(Gillespie), Alex(Owen Joyner), and Reggie(Jeremy Shada).

As season one gets serious, the chemistry of the on-screen romance between Reyes and Gillespie becomes even more serious. The chemistry is shown through their shared experiences and the creation of the band’s music. Throughout season 1, they fall for each other but couldn’t even hold hands. Now, that’s a love nightmare. At the end of season one, all members of the band can touch each other. There will not be any spoilers here on how this happens, but encourage you to watch the show.

But we all are wondering, are they dating in real life? Well according to source PopBuzz, Reyes and Gillespie are both single. Reyes is 16-years-old and Gillespie is 22-years-old. Even though we were expecting a real-life Juketionship, there isn’t going to be one anytime soon or ever for that matter. They have their reasons for remaining single. All we can do is hope is that Netflix provides us a Juketionship in season two of Julie and the Phantoms.

Privately Reserved

Reyes is very private about her life and is just thankful for Netflix giving her the opportunity to play as Julie.

Running Solo

Gillespie wants to focus on his career since he appeared on the reboot of Charmed that is also released on Netflix.

According to ET, Gillespie said, “Luke is smitten and 100% wants to date Julie, but the problem is that he’s a ghost… what is beautiful about season one is that you(the viewer) know the chemistry is there”.  While Reyes is very thankful for the opportunity and says the role of Julie was “tailor-made” for her according to sources at TV Guide.

Will there be a season two? Netflix hasn’t released a renewal for the show. The show ended with a lot of potentials and indicating that there will be a season two.  The producers of the show, during interviews, both hinted that if the show was successful that season two can be a possibility.  As of right now, the show is a major success. And season two is already being in the works of making it a reality. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, it may not happen as soon as viewers would like.

Reyes seemed like a seasoned actress but this is her first role. And her chemistry with Gillespie is unmatched like any other on-screen romance. We have to give credit to the creators, Dan Cross and David Hoge for providing our version of Julie and the Phantoms. The Netflix serious was inspired by the Brazilian version called, Julie e os Fantasmas. Reyes and Gillespie gave us chills during their one on one performances and put us on an emotional rollercoaster of wanting more. The series ended with a lot of unanswered questions but we want to see more of Juke. Juke’s friendship/relationship development throughout the series gave us something positive to look forward to.  Will Julie choose Luke or will another force stand in the way? Here’s to being hopeful that season two will come true.

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