Black Women Are Frustrated With Breonna Taylor’s Decision

On September 23rd, Kentucky Grand Jury indicted one of the three officers who shot several rounds in Breonna Taylor and boyfriend’s apartment on March 13th. But  Officer Brett Hankison is charged with an Endangerment Wanton of shots being fired inside other apartments and not indicted on Taylor’s case.  So, how can Black women move forward with injustice served on a silver platter? It indicates that protests and making awareness are still needed to make change Black women across the country are seeking.

Since the indictment of Hankison and allowing Officer Myles Cosgrove and Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly to not be charge with anything makes a statement to Black women that they do not matter and lives are not important. For example, the case of George Floyd received media attention as well, but all officers involved were fired immediately (as soon as the event made headlines). Floyd received injustice of acts of having an officer on his neck for eight minutes while stating he could not breathe. Not excusing the injustice of Floyd, but there are blatant disparities on how Floyd’s and Taylor’s cases were handled through the justice systems Black women in America have to rely on.

Black women are tired of being the most disrespected people on earth and want the justice system to stop failing time and time again. Now, it is more important than ever for Black women to make a statement about the injustice given to them. Black women are using their voices and platforms to stand against this decision of Taylor’s and other women, such as Sandra Bland. Bland was a 28 year-old-women who was found dead in police custody in Southeast Texas in July 2015. Here is a thread on Black women speaking out about their frustrations and disappointment.

China A Mcclain “I Do Not Know”

China A. Mcclaim pleads with her followers to “Just stay safe”. And even stated she does not know what to do anymore.

Alishia McCullough “Emotionally & Mentally Drained”

Alishia McCullough is losing hope in the fight of justice being served in a country where racism and injustice in embedded into the system.

Tasha Smith “No Justice”

Tasha Smith posted this with the picture speaking volumes to her followers.

Kelly Rowland “A loss for words”

Kelly Rowland is simply heartbroken over the indictment of Taylor’s case.

Through the frustration and disappointment, many Black women across the United States are speaking out. And more protests are forming to continue to seek justice. After the announcement protestors in Louisville #sayhername in cries and shouts.  Across the country, when news spread, people are using social media to plan protests in various areas throughout the country.  On February 19th, Breonna Taylor tweeted, “I wonder what my life would be like if I never moved here from Michigan?”.  Often many Black women relate and understand where Taylor is coming from. Black women are tired, fed up and sick of everything. Black women it is time to unite. Black women it is time to build a village. It’s time.