Expert Opinion: Is Bullying Intentional Cruelty, Bad Parenting Or Just Folly?

Bullying has been and continues to plague the global society. It does not spare children, students, and adults. Everybody is focused on the newly emerged forms of harassment such as online bullying. However, people tend to forget about harmful behavior that plagues the field of education, especially regarding college and university students. Such a tendency resulted in an increased number of assignments regarding bullying.

Writing an essay regarding a particular topic is a rather interesting experience that involves critical thinking and scientific research. A writer has to come up with a catchy title, solid thesis statement, and support it with solid evidence. Lots of essay examples about bullying have several similar attributes: evidence from sociologists, educators, and psychologists. It is easy to spot the fact that a number of these essays is considerably high due to the pressing nature of the issue. That is why exploring this topic is both entertaining and important.

Types and effects of bullying

As an act of targeted cruelty or discrimination, it can take many forms within the educational setting. Many research papers support the identification of these several main forms: verbal, physical, sexual, and cyber bullying. This sort of behavior is widespread and often combines several forms at once, scarring the victim even further. As a result, university writers, educators, and other stakeholders are looking for the reasons behind bullying to find whose fault it is and how to solve the issue.

Intentional cruelty

There is no point in denying that intentional cruelty is one of the main reasons behind an aggressive behavior towards other people. It can have quite a few causes as well. For example, globalization is creating conditions for a collision of people from different backgrounds, which creates ground for cooperation or conflict. The latter is usually caused by prejudice or bias, and some students may become victims of cruel behavior from their peers and sometimes even teachers. For example, there are cases when a teacher had a biased opinion on a student’s paper and its plagiarism index just because the student was from another country.

A similar reason might cause harmful behavior among students as well due to any sort of religious, political, or any other views. This sort of intentional cruelty is usually based on discrimination, and various research papers support this idea. The solution is to teach students about the acceptance of others while educating about the effects of bullying on others.

Bad parenting

With bias covered, it is possible to move to bad parenting. Bullies often come from families where they are abused by their parents in some form. Domestic alcoholism, drug abuse, and other factors may contribute to frustration that a young individual can release on others. Furthermore, parenting may be the reason behind bias as children tend to copy and support the views of their parents. It is quite easy to find some study regarding how bullying behavior can be the parents’ fault. Parents have to create favorable conditions for their children to grow in a healthy environment while developing their morals.

Folly, a.k.a. social pressure

Now, this reason can be caused by others, which makes it so interesting for academic writers to explore in terms of the educational setting. Usually, one bully with an intention to harm is enough to cause others to follow a similar behavioral pattern, which is especially common in college or university settings. This situation is bad, but teachers can intervene to stop the cruelty. This sort of folly is usually easily avoidable through support of education aimed at spreading awareness about the causes and effects of bullying.

Bullying is an act of cruelty that can have many origins. It could be caused by bias, bad parenting, or simple folly caused by a need to get along with peers. Usually, there are more factors to it but some of the main reasons remain the same. Bias can cause a teacher to suspect a foreign student of plagiarism, domestic abuse can cause a student to bully others, and peer pressure can cause peers to support harmful behavior or avoid stopping it. It is important to continue writing about this and spread awareness.

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