The 8 Things To Do In Between Class To Help You Destress

We spend so much of our time working, going to class, and doing homework. By the time you have a second to breathe you try to fill your time to see your friends so they don’t end up forgetting about you. Day after day we all go through a routine of going to class, doing homework, and staring at our phone when we have a thirty-minute break. This list will help you fill those short or longer breaks with activities that allow you to clear your head while feeling productive.

Go for a walk

A woman's legs walking.


This seems like a super simple thing to say but people forget that a walk can last twenty minutes or two hours depending on how you feel. This is a great way to release endorphins and clear your head. Grab some headphones and listen to music or your favorite podcast. Another way to clear your head is to listen to nothing but nature around you on your walk. This helps you deal with the thoughts that might be racing around without you even knowing.

Do a workout video

A woman sitting on the floor with a computer, water bottle and weights getting ready to workout.


Youtube is a great place to find quick and easy workout videos. If you aren’t the brisk walk type then search up the time you have on youtube with the type of workout you want and there will be dozens to choose from. A great way to completely clear your head is to choose one that is harder for you, then you will be forced to focus on the workout and your mind won’t have time to think about school.

Take a bath

A woman inside a bathtub but the photo is of her back.


Grab some essential oils or a bath bomb and turn on the hot water. The bath will help ease muscles and open up pores while allowing you to relax for a little while. This is a great place to read a book, watch a movie or sit on your phone, just be careful of the water.

Read a book

A woman sitting in a window reading a book.


When we get wrapped up in school work many of us forget that reading is a great way to get lost into a world that doesn’t exist. A couple of pages or chapters could fill up your time and take your mind completely off of whats in front of you. Some great suggestions if you haven’t read them yet are The Glass Castle and City Of Girls.


A baker's hands dusting flour onto dough.


A quick recipe will not only give you a fun and relaxing activity but a great reward once it’s done. Anything from a prepackaged mix to an intricate recipe online will fill your time with fun, make your house smell amazing and allow you to enjoy a treat.

Eat Something

A woman digging her fork into a plate of food.


This is another super simple one but something so many people forget to do. We constantly forget to take care of ourselves and just sit staring at our work for hours. Grabbing a quick snack or sitting down to a meal that you might have missed will help you clear your brain and refuel to get more work done.

Paint your nails

Someone painting their nails.


Your fingers deserve some care too. They are used to do everything, now let us add a fresh coat. If you don’t have a ton of time to wait and let them dry then a great option is to purchase the instant or quick-dry nail polishes.


A woman standing with her hands on her hips and a rag and cleaner getting ready to clean.


Not everyone finds this a calming activity but the results are calming for everyone. A clear space equals a clear head and its time to clear yours.

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