Here’s What To Do If Your Mask Is Changing Your Skin

Our faces aren’t used to having fabric touching them all day and now with everyone going back to work and school, you will be wearing on for a long time. Since your face isn’t used to having the fabric on it all the time you are probably going to experience breakouts or an extremely dry face. This means we are all going to have to put a little extra effort into keeping our faces clean and properly moisturized. Depending on your case whether that is you’re experiencing more acne or more dry skin follow these steps below to help keep your skin at ease.

Experiencing Dry Skin

A woman touching her face with a blurb focusing on her dry skin.


Here is what you need to do when you’re experiencing dry skin because of your mask. Begin by buying yourself a travel-sized moisturizer. This is key when experiencing dry skin, you will be able to reapply whenever it’s necessary. This is also needed because your mask will probably rub off some of the moisturizers. Now as for your morning and nighttime skincare begin by replacing your moisturizer with a heavier one. For instance, if you get a regular moisturizer, start buying the one specified for dry skin.

Experiencing Breakouts

A woman with acne poking at her face.


Go out and buy some oil blotting sheets. Usually, this increase in breakouts either means super dry skin or oily skin. If you’re experiencing oily skin then begin by wiping your face once or twice a day. Now get yourself a good toner and switch any of your skincare products to ones for oily skin. The additions should help decrease the oil on your skin. Make sure to do the simple things like wash your face twice a day to remove the dirt so your pores don’t clog and create more acne. Also, refrain from wearing face makeup if possible, that will definitely clog your pores.

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