Carole Baskin: We Can’t Help But Be Obsessed

Carole Baskin, she really did come to the rescue, riding in on her tiger, saving us from quarantine boredom when we needed her most. She and the rest of her peers, both humans and cats alike, provided outrageously odd entertainment as we obsessively binge-watched and discussed the show she made her first major debut in, Tiger King. By the time the show ended, Carole Baskin was able to unify the country by getting us all to agree on one thing, she fed her late husband, Don Lewis, to her pet tiger. There is not a single person who didn’t come to this conclusion by the end of the show.

Since then, Baskin has really begun to make a name and platform for herself. Podcasters and Youtubers across the United States started booking her for interviews, eager to pull more answers out of the exceptionally odd woman. People are still eating it up too. We can’t get enough of her whimsical and slightly murderous ways. She knows how to keep her name relevant and has no issue indulging her followers in the belief that maybe her ex didn’t just disappear as she previously wanted us to believe. She doesn’t just have us convinced though. Levels of suspicion are so high surrounding the death of Lewis, that the case has been reopened by law enforcement. However, this has hardly been a set back on the latter of fame she is currently climbing.

Television networks recently started airing new content again as they figure out how to safely navigate around COVID without putting people at risk. One of the first shows that came back was Dancing With The Stars on ABC. The show has lost quite a few viewers over the years as they began to run out of big-name celebrities to draw in fans. However, this changed when the show asked none other than Carole Baskin, our murderous tiger queen, to be a dancer. Whether fans agreed with this decision or not, as she is still under investigation, people were eager to watch her.

The show started airing again on September 14th and will hopefully make it to late November, their usual stopping time. However, we are being warned that it wouldn’t take much to cut the show short during the pandemic. Till then people have loved watching Baskin being whisked across the dance floor by her professional dance partner, Pasha Pashkov. To make the duo even more entertaining, they have doubled down on Baskin’s usual tiger aesthetic. Their first dance together was done to the 1982 hit song, “The Eye of The Tiger” by Survivor. Both dancers were decked out in animal print clothing.

On Monday night viewers tuned back in to watch the pair perform the Viennese Waltz to “What’s New Pussycat.” She was dressed to the nines in a black and gold animal print gown that was hard to miss. When it came time for judges to give their scores, it had looked as though the glitz and glam weren’t enough to save Baskin from being eliminated. So many were surprised when Derek Hough gave her performance a 10, saving her from returning back home to her cats. Fans of the show weren’t quite sure they agreed with Hough’s reasoning behind the perfect score. He stated she had made a “big improvement” and was highly impressed with the set she performed and how far she’d come. Many believe the score given by Hough had less to do with her dancing, and more to do with the popularity she is bringing to the show.

There is no doubt that Baskin and Pashkov will be sticking with the tiger cat theme that Baskin has made her own. It is clearly working for the duo as they pounce from one dance to the next. People are also fairly confident that Baskin will be on the show for much of the season, despite how early on it is and the quality of her performances, as the network is clearly loving the attention being brought back to the program. So if you were missing having Baskin on your screen, make sure you tune in tonight for another Dancing With The Stars pur-formance.

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