Dwayne Johnson Endorses Joe Biden & Kamala Harris

Over the past few months, the chatter surrounding the presidential election has increased immensely. We have watched nearly everyone get involved with their own ideas and opinions. What used to be mainly and almost exclusively politicians and big-name corporations endorsing our presidential candidates has now extended to celebrities. Last Sunday, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, joined the ranks of those who have come forward for the first time to give not just their take on the election, but their endorsement as well. His support was unsurprisingly for Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his Vice President pick, Kamala Harris.

Celebrities speaking out about their opinions on not just the presidential race, but also the injustices we have increasingly witnessed around the country, have many people conflicted. Some believe that these socialites, who are worth millions of dollars, are too far removed from everyday society to give their takes on subjects that most likely don’t affect them. Other fans praise them for coming forward, acknowledging that they are using their platform and privilege for something good. So it came as no surprise that when Johnson posted his endorsement video, his comment section was flooded with praise and anger.


The Rock’s video was actually pretty interesting. It is a little over seven minutes and definitely worth the watch if you haven’t seen it already. There is no question the man did his homework on the two candidates. This especially showed when he shared the interview he had with Biden and Harris prior to his announcement. He was quick to praise both of them on their past political accomplishments. He took the time to acknowledge Harris’ time serving as a district attorney, and how fierce and prepared she came to all of the political hearings we have had the privilege to see on television.

Once The Rock finished praising Kamala and Biden, he shifted the conversation by stating something his father had always told him as a child, “Respect is given when it is earned.” From here he asked, “How will the both of you earn the respect of all the American people once you are in the white house?” Biden answered that by keeping their word, being honest with the American people, and taking responsibility for their actions will they earn that respect. He wants the people to know that they will follow through with their promises.

Kamala answered by agreeing with Joe’s statement that the American people deserve the truth, something that we haven’t had a lot of in the past four years. She goes on to say that by telling the truth, no matter how hard it is to both tell and hear, only then can we begin healing as a nation. The rock seemed very pleased with both Harris and Biden’s statements on what it will take to earn the trust and respect of the American people.


It is important to note that Trump’s name did not come up once. No time was spent degrading our current president or telling people why they shouldn’t vote for him. The Rock even made sure at the beginning of his video that people knew he respected both sides of the conversation. This Instagram post was simply meant to further inform his followers about the democratic candidates and encourage people to vote. He emphasized this may just be the most important election we’ve ever seen, and now is not the time to not cast your ballot.

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