Go Vote In The 2020 Election

November 3rd is the 2020 United States Election and everyone (young and old) needs to get out there and vote.  During these times of protesting and riots across the U.S., we need to remember that everyone’s voice matters.  It doesn’t matter the political views one may have, but it matters if one silently lets this election pass. As a person that can vote it is imperative to support others in making a choice that they think is best for our country. As a woman, it is more important to use your voice because too many women before us had to fight for their rights to vote. As an African American, it is important to seek out justice because our ancestors lead us to continue to fight what they’ve started.

But before voting, do you know who to vote for? If not here is what a person needs to know when voting in this election. Who is running for U.S. President? Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee versus Donald Trump, current President and Republican Nominee.  Biden’s running mate is Kamela Harris, U.S. Senator of California, and Trump’s running mate is Mike Pence, current Vice President of the U.S. According to Ballotpedia, 470 seats in Congress are up for election as well. That’s a total for 35 U.S. Senate and 435 House of Representatives. Voting for the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives depends on the state of where a person currently lives. For more information about this upcoming election, please visit usa.gov.

After all the research has been completed, now it’s time to prepare to register to vote. A simple two-minute task can change history and that’s powerful in itself. Voting can make a difference and here’s how to register to vote according to vote.org.

Go to Vote.org


Vote.org gives a person the tools to check if they’re register or registering for the first time.

Select Register to Vote


Vote.org has an option to vote in English and in Spanish. Select register to vote and fill out the needed information.



After completing your registration, you can now vote!

Now, what should you do after registering? Find out how early you can vote; across the U.S. there will be early voting starting in September. What should you do after placing in your vote? Spread awareness and get others to vote as well, get involved working at polling places or count in the votes on election night. With the election being only 38 days away, the time is very important to do research, register and vote. And the most time-consuming part of this process is researching.  But researching comes in many ways. For example, chatting about this upcoming election with friends/family and following candidates on social media platforms is a part of the research process. The simplest way to remember these steps are to research, register, vote and get involved. It doesn’t matter how you get involved as long as you “Just Do It” according to Nike.