THE Face Mask You Need To Clear Your Pores

Finding the perfect face mask that will clear out your pores is so hard. Some clean out your pores and then a day later they seem to be back. Others are insanely expensive but only make your face more red. Clearing out pores is so necessary to keep your skin acne-free and clean. This mask cleans your pores while tightening and refreshing your skin, you need to go buy it now.

Aztec Clay Mask

A face mask in a bowl with a spoon and applicator.


This Aztec clay face mask can be found in powdered form at most stores. It is pretty affordable and comes with a lot in it. Place a small amount in a bowl that is not metal and take a plastic or wooden spoon and add enough apple cider vinegar until paste forms. Apply all over your face and allow for your face to set until firm. The face will begin to feel very tight. Place a hot wet cloth over the face to soften the mask and allow for better removal. Wash your face and apply your nightly skincare routine then watch as your pores disappear. This mask does so much more for your face than the expensive ones from specialty stores we promise you will not be let down. Plus you will have so much powder left you can use it a bunch more times to continuously keep those pores clean.

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