Top 5 Fashion YouTubers You Should Watch in 2020

The era of Tiktok fashionistas is upon us, but that doesn’t mean the new 60 second stylists don’t have competition with the old-fashioned Youtube creators. Their videos are becoming more detail oriented, the editing is improving and the videos are adapting to a primarily music basis. After countless years spent on Youtube obsessing over every fashion video out there, these are the best fashion Youtubers on the market for Fall 2020.

Delaney Childs

Delaney is one of the best examples of street style made accessible to the general public. She’s very well known for her collection videos (ranging from jewelry to sneakers), clothing hauls and styling specific items in multiple different ways.


Ashley recently rose in followers over the past year, and it’s well deserved. This film major transitioned quickly into a fashion icon displaying look books for different eras, budget friendly shopping trips and back to school outfit ideas.

Allegra Shaw

Allegra started out filming her outfits of the day and model makeup looks, but her career finally shot her into the center of fashion Youtubers when she began making capsule wardrobe outfit videos set to trendy music. Now she’s not only a successful Youtuber, but owner of her own brand Uncle Studios.

Sian Lilly

This model made herself well known on the platform with modeling tips, but soon transitioned into outfit recreations, clothing hauls and different looks for multiple occasions. She still does a lot of makeup looks and tips, but her celebrity style steals are to die for.


Yuyan is the casual style empress on Youtube. Most of her videos are set to music to highlight the pieces for fall outfits, model inspired looks and styling specific pieces, but every once in a while a collection or makeup video slips in and divides up the feed.

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