What’s New with Emma Chamberlain In 2020

When you think of Emma Chamberlain you most likely think of a candid influencer, coffee connoisseur, fashion icon, badass businesswoman, podcaster, and mental health advocate. While only 19 years old, this girl really does do it all.

Emma Chamberlain, born in San Bruno, CA in 2001, is 19 years old with an entire empire and an insanely bright future ahead of her. While only starting social media in 2016, she has amassed a huge following of over 10 million on Instagram, 9.5 million on Youtube, and over 1.2 billion overall views on her Youtube channel. She recently began a coffee brand called Chamberlain Coffee that sold out within minutes of launching. The website offers tea bags of coffee for brewing convenience along with other roasts and blends.

Another product she has recently launched, along with new merch, is a daily planner that can be bought online or in stores such as Target for around $18. When asked by paparazzi, she said she wanted this planner to really stand out and be fun. To do this she added fun parts in between pages such as word searches and other cute activities. I personally love this planner and I love the cover because it stands out and isn’t just a basic planner.

Moving onto another aspect of her success, her podcast! Originally called ‘Stupid Genius’ but is now known as ‘Anything Goes’, she discusses lots of topics like social media, self-confidence, and mental health. For reference, her August 27th episode talks about self-esteem/confidence struggles, and her September 10th episode is centered around how she handles the massive social pressure of living in LA and how she feels about it in general.

Another thing she talks about not so often is hate comments and how she handles them. She has said in past videos that she really tries not to read them because they affect her too much. Probably her most public discussion of her talking about hate comments would be when she first moved to LA back in 2019. The negative comments had a general consensus that she ‘changed’ when she moved to LA and started hanging out with certain people.

Moving right along to her romantic life, Emma definitely is not very public about her relationships until they’re over. Most recently, however, she has been linked to singer/songwriter, Tucker Pillsbury better known as Role Model. The pair have been paparazzied by the infamous Fletcher from Hollywood Fix recently and have been exchanging flirty comments on each other’s posts. When asked about her relationship status, she said she was seeing someone but didn’t specify if it was Tucker.

Recently on September 2, 2020, her ex-boyfriend, Aaron Hull uploaded a video to his channel explaining that the two were romantically involved over the spring and summer but thought it was best that they stayed friends due to living far away from each other. Fans believe the reason this video came about is that a video was leaked of Hull kissing another girl at a college party around the same time the two were supposedly dating.

Emma seems to be living a great life and has really made a difference for the awareness of mental health, which I absolutely love!

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