Instacart Now Delivering Products the Same Day from Sephora

We all know the struggle of running out of our favorite cleanser or foundation right before a big night out. Now, you can get your necessities from Sephora brought right to your door!

Sadly this is currently only available in California, but will hopefully be available everywhere soon. If you do live in California, however, you are in luck. Now available through the app, you can purchase any product you would find in your local Sephora store. 

While it is very convenient to get products shipped right to your doorstep the same day, there are a few fees and taxes that come with this service. Some of these fees and taxes include delivery fees, service fees, sales taxes, alcohol taxes, etc. Keep in mind that to get anything delivered to you, it must be an order above $10! 

To the people in California, enjoy this new-found luxury, and to the rest of us, hopefully, we will have this soon!