The 5 Staple Clothing Items That Are Comfy & Cute

With the weather changing and most of school or work being from home, we all are finding ourselves stuck in sweatpants with the occasional nice shirt if there’s a video call. Now with life going back to normal, somewhat, we all need these cute staple clothing items that are also really really comfy to help us get through fall.

Oversized Sweatshirts

A woman in an oversized sweatshirt with her hands over her head.


These aren’t just a thing of the summer that are styled as dresses. It’s a great way to feel super comfy like a massive blanket is over you but still have a fun style. Pair these with some leggings and a bun!

Oversized T-Shirts

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If you live in a warmer climate or you just aren’t ready for sweatshirts the big t-shirt is definitely the way to go. No need to settle for a boring blank t-shirt or one with your high school team on it, store’s now sell cute but comfy oversized shirts. If all you can afford is a blank one that is cheaper then no worries take that shirt and reverse tie-dye it. Just grab some bleach or toilet bowl cleaner with bleach in it and pour some all over in a tie-dye pattern for a cute look.

Long Sleeves

A woman with her hands in her pockets walking down the stairs.


Here’s the trick to a super cute long sleeve. Go to the men’s section and finds the ones with the waffle pattern that have the three or four buttons at the top. They are such a comfy shirt and will look so cute. Style this with some leggings or even sweatpants.


Woman sitting on a sidewalk.


These are a great way to get away with wearing sweatpants out. They look cute because they tend to be more fitted but they are just as comfy. They can even be worn with a cropped t-shirt or sweatshirt for an even more fun look.


Woman sitting on the ground.


Converse are a great way to complete a cozy outfit, a favorite are the high top ones. Grab a pair with some cute high socks that peak just above the shoes!

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