Valentino Spring Summer 2021 Runway Grew Flowers Through Concrete!

In this pandemic, if any country was hurt the most it was undoubtedly Italy, and being an Italian luxury fashion house – Valentino stays true to its roots by launching an elegant and sophisticated “Collezione Collection” for its Spring Summer 2021. This collection features mind refreshing bright hues and gorgeous ruffles.

The setting of the runway show that Pierpaolo Piccioli the creative director of Maison Valentino chose was an industrial space that he transformed into a beautiful romantic garden filled with wildflowers with the help of a Japanese plant artist named Satoshi Kawamoto. Flowers growing through concrete was Piccioli’s vision that he portrayed through his collection and its setting. He wanted to show the world that no matter how tough the conditions are there is always a way if we wish to grow!

Moreover, Valentino surprised everyone with an unexpected collaboration with LEVI’s for its denim!

We all know very well how exuberant and opulent Valentino’s designs were before the pandemic so, at the press conference before the show, Picciolio said, “In this moment, sticking to an old mindset for me just wasn’t an option”. This is true as Italy had gone through a lot and sticking to the old mindset of lavishness and luxury would have upset many Valentino lovers at home. He added, “I focused on working more on Valentino’s identity than on its aesthetics,” which we can truly see in the collection pieces. Have a look at some of our favorite designs!

Compared to Valentino’s previous runway shows, this was a small and socially distant runway show where the audience was seated apart from each other and were all wearing their face masks while watching the show.