Chrissy Teigen Shares News of Heartbreaking Miscarriage

Miscarriages are not uncommon during pregnancies. Women all across the world experience them for various reasons. However, despite the wide range of causes, they usually all result in tremendous heartbreak. Early Thursday Morning Chrissy Teigen shared with her social media followers that she and husband John Legend had lost their unborn baby. Teigen expressed the deep pain she and John were feeling over the death of their son, who would have been named Jack. The post includes pictures taken throughout the night of the couple. One image shows Chrissy and John holding their child. Hospitals will commonly urge couples who experience a miscarriage to take as many pictures as possible to remember their baby and the time spent with them.

Chrissy had been on Instagram quite frequently before her devastating announcement. She was sharing her time on bed rest with fans right before being rushed to the hospital to receive two blood transfusions meant to stop heavy bleeding. Doctors were never able to do so, resulting in a miscarriage. The news instantly went viral when she made her final post on Thursday morning. However, many were shocked by some of the responses on Twitter and Instagram.

Chrissy and John have never been shy about their liberal stances. They have shared their thoughts in the past about abortion laws and expressed their pro-choice views. Abortion has always been a controversial topic, so naturally, it has caused them to have hate thrown their way. However, no one could have predicted the cruel words directed at them after their loss because of it. Many “pro-lifers” claimed this is what they deserve for being pro-choice. They posted on Twitter and Instagram that they shouldn’t be so upset if “it was just a clump of cells.” What a cruel take this was. Teigen and Legend wanted this child. They had grown attached to him and loved him. If they had chosen to get an abortion, that would have been within their rights. However, this was not the case. To respond to their announcement with such gross words had the internet divided.

Despite the many who chose to spew hate, there were more who expressed their love and condolences. Family, friends, and fans shared caring messages with Teigen and Legend, showing their support. Women, in particular, thanked Chrissy for sharing such a vulnerable moment with the public. Women said that misscariages are a taboo topic in society. Due to this, women who experience them feel they have to suffer and morn in silence. Hiding their anguish often causes many of these women to feel alone and depressed. Women on the internet also shared that society conditions women to believe that miscarriages are their fault. Naturally, this guilt only adds to the suffering. By sharing her journey, those who have experienced miscarriage expressed Teigen’s post made them feel less alone. The Instagram post helped them realize that miscarriages are a common occurrence. Rarely anyone is at fault, and we should not be stigmatizing this particular topic of conversation.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend have yet to come out with any further news or updates. However, we wish their family nothing but the best as they take this time to heal together.

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