Model Paloma Elsesser Makes European Runways Plus-Size Friendly

Paloma Elsesser seems to be heading towards the top of the top models, walking runways for major brands like Fendi and Ferragamo. This curvy beauty seems to be making European runways more and more plus-size friendly. After already making a name for herself in New York and friends with some of Fashion’s most influential people, Elsesser is on her way to create a more size-inclusive future for aspiring plus-size models. While walking for brands like Fendi is a dream for many models, it is even more of an accomplishment for a plus-size model and a dream that Elsesser made happen in early 2020. Even more, her success at Europe’s biggest fashion weeks seems to be continuing as we got to see her walking at Fendi’s latest show as well as some other big brands.

Paloma Elsesser Walking At Fendi’s Spring/Summer 2021 Show

Size-inclusivity seems to become the new norm for fashion and Fendi seems to be at the forefront of major European brands advocating for size-inclusivity within the fashion industry. According to Elsesser, size-inclusivity is part of Fendi’s company culture as many of their employees are women of different shapes and sizes. So, while doing a show for them she feels accepted and part of what the brand stands for. In addition to her success at Milan Fashion Week, in early 2020, Elsesser conquered Paris Fashion Week too, while walking for some of the fines brands such as Lanvin and McQueen. Moreover, this fall Elsesser made history as Ferrangamo’s first plus-size model while walking at their Milan Fashion Week show. Elsesser knows that her appearance at such major shows signifies acceptance of plus-size models into the elite modeling world. While being among the first plus-size models to be walking elite shows she is opening doors for future plus-size models too.

Making History As Ferragamo’s First Plus-Size Model At Their Spring/Summer 2021 Show

After New York, the European fashion world seems to be opening to plus-size models too, thanks to models like Elsesser. It is becoming more and more evident that women of all shapes and sizes love high-end fashion and that there is a place for them. By including diverse models into their shows brands have the opportunity to tap into new markets. Especially in 2020 after the losses and damage that the pandemic has caused, diversity and size-inclusivity are a way of reaching customers that for long have been ignored by luxury fashion brands.