4 Great & Easy Ways to Stay Fit in College

We all know how stressful college can be, with studying and classes it can be hard to be conscious of what you’re eating. These few tips and tricks can help you take care of your body. 


Walking is a common way to get around campus but lately, we’ve been seeing more and more students riding electric scooters or electric skateboards to class. While this does take a lot less time and doesn’t require much energy, try leaving a few minutes early to go to class or even riding a bike. More and more campuses are offering bike-share stations around campus where you can rent a bicycle and then drop it off at another location. For example, Webster University in Missouri has recently launched a bike-share program in partnership with its Sustainability Coalition. This program encourages students to get active and ride bikes to class. They offer various spots around campus for students to drop the bikes off at once they get to where they need to go.

Using Campus Resources

Another way to stay fit is by utilizing what you have available to you around campus. Most campuses have a student gym and some even offer fitness or yoga classes. Running around campus is also a fantastic way to meet new people along with staying in shape. NYU offers some great fitness classes along with various clubs that involve running or lifting weights. By getting involved and putting yourself out there with running clubs or fitness classes, you are improving not only your physical health but also your mental health! 

Grab a Friend

A different approach to staying fit could be finding a friend or a group of friends that enjoy working out or want to start working out and do fun partner workouts. YouTube offers great partner workouts or group workouts. Social media in general is a great resource to learn more about working out or running. 

Online Classes

If pumping iron in the gym isn’t your style, fear not there is thousands of other forms of working out. Especially during the pandemic, gyms and big fitness studios have started to offer online classes for a small cost or even some for free! Some of my favorites are Soulcycle and Peleton. While those do require some equipment, there are so many more ways to get active. I would recommend going on Instagram or Snapchat and following a bunch of influencers that do live workout classes so you can get reminded when they are happening.

A popular fad we saw at the beginning of March was the Chloe Ting 2 Week Ab Shred. While some of my friends were obsessed with these challenges or series, I found them slightly repetitive. Personally, I love Madfit dance workouts, Sydney Cummingings HIIT workouts, and Pamela Reif’s cardio workouts. 

Whether you’re spending your free time pumping iron in the gym or taking the long way on your walk to class, there is an abundance of ways to stay fit in college!