WATCH: Saturday Night Live Hilarious New Season Teaser Video

On October 2, Saturday Night Live released a teaser of the upcoming Fall 2020 season, which happens to be October 3rd. NBC announced on Thursday that the comedic series will launch its 46th season. And this season is already starting with fans eager to know what will be said in the SNL Democratic Party of 2020.

The teaser shows Jim Carrey playing Democratic Nominee, Joe Biden, and Maya Rudolph returning to playing, Democratic Vice President Nominee, Kamala Harris. And this is the first live episode since the coronavirus pandemic that stopped production since March 2020.

Democratic Party of SNL

There are only 18 seconds of the teaser and automatically gets fan excited for the comic relief that is in store.

Rudolph played Kamala Harris in last season skit called “America’s Fun Aunt”. Here are clips of the skit and Ruldoph’s reaction of Kamala Harris becoming the VP Democratic Candidate.

Rudolph Becomes Harris Again

We should all agree that Rudolph plays a very well Kamala Harris. If there was a movie to be made about Harris, Rudolph should automatically get the role.

According to sources at Vulture, we have Alec Baldwin returning to his reoccurring role as Donald Trump since 2016. Just imagine Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin debating it out just like the first U.S. Presidential Debate on September 29th. Never seen SNL Trump? Look no farther, here are clips of Baldwin accurately displaying Trump impressions.

Who’s The Real Donald Trump?

So, how did Carrey get involved in the political skits of SNL? Well Lorne Michaels said, “There was some interest on his part. And then we responded, obviously, positively”. Michaels continues to say, ” He will give the part energy and strength, and … [Laughs.] Hopefully it’s funny”.

And if you’re a mega-fan of SNL, then there is a possibility of remembering Jason Sudeikis played Biden in previous last season of SNL. Let’s look at some previous SNL Biden clips.

The Biden We All Knew Last Season

Doesn’t this give a few throwback vibes? Anyways, as you can see SNL has a niche for portraying political candidates and elected officials across the board.

There is no doubt that this season will be a major hit especially with the plans Producer Micheals will have in store for us this season. He plans to make five episodes back to back because of the four presidential debates and or six or seven if the election gets delayed.

And finally, all of last season cast members will be returning for this season with three new feature players. We will have to wait and see who made it to the SNL family. And they have added a new head writer to the team.

But overall, SNL did end abruptly last season and they are definitely coming out with show stoppers for this season.  Who’s ready to stay up late on Saturday night’s again just to get a good laugh, after a long five day weekday? I know I am, and the teaser has me even more excited.

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