Rihanna’s Use of Islamic Hadith in Her Savage X Fenty Vol. 2 show Upsets Muslims

Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a Barbadian successful singer, actress, and also a businesswoman as she owns Fenty Beauty and Savage X Fenty. These days, Rihanna isn’t making any new music as she is more focused on her makeup and lingerie line. Although, recently, on October 2, 2020, she launched her Savage X Fenty’s Volume 2 show debuted on Amazon Prime. The “Work” singer has been receiving a lot of backlashes specifically because of one of the songs titled “Doom” in her lingerie show. Muslims around the globe are angered and upset as the song “Doom” has Arabic vocals in it which are just not any random Arabic words as they are the Hadith or words of Prophet Muhammad.


Something that everyone knows is that Muslim women are covered and wear hijab as per their faith. Using the “hadith” i.e. words of prophet Muhammad in reference to verses from an Islamic holy book of the Quran and models performing on it in addition to displaying lingerie playing those scared words is utterly disrespectful and has hurt every true Muslim’s sentiments. This song was made by a London producer named Coucou Chloe. She tweeted that she didn’t make the vocals as he used them from the Islamic Hadith, two years ago. He used the sacred verses in Arabic and mixed them with the beat.

The subject of the Hadith is about the day of judgment which most people know as the “Doomsday” and the end of times so naming the song “Doom” proves very well that the song maker was in the knowledge of this and thought it was totally acceptable to use it in a song which is in reality absolutely wrong! All over the world, Muslims are upset that even though Rihanna didn’t make that song herself, she is the one who approved it for her show so she is equally responsible for this mess. Her fans or one must say “ex fans” commented on Rihanna’s recent Instagram post that they used to love her for her inclusivity but the fact that she disrespected their religion, they will be unfollowing her and canceling her. Have a look at the comments on her recent Instagram post. Some users have even claimed that her team has been deleting their comments.


Muslims are angered as this is not the first time Rihanna has done something to disrespect Islam. Yes, she has a history!

In the year 2013, Rihanna was kicked out of the Grand Mosque in Dubai, for taking inappropriate pictures there and not adhering to the rules of “maintaining decency” around the mosque’s premises. The authorities of the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Dubai said, “she was asked to leave before entering the mosque after she posed in ways that do not match the sacred status” of the holy place.


Other than this, in 2019 she was called out for disrespecting the hijab a veil that Muslim women wear in her Savage X Fenty Volume 1 collection, as model Bella Hadid was spotted wearing a yellow scarf over yellow lingerie set as an accessory which is totally inappropriate and disrespectful to the standards of modesty that Muslim women maintain during their whole life. Have a look!


Now with the Savage X Fenty Volume 2 once again Rihanna has upset Muslim people. Many people claim that their religion is being targeted over and over again and this needs to be stopped and she needs to be held accountable for disrespecting their faith.


Moreover, many people took on to Twitter yesterday and expressed their disappointment and called out Rihanna for this disrespectful act.

Since there has been no response from Rihanna or her label yet, people’s anger is rising and the backlash is accumulating. In response to this many consumers have already started boycotting Fenty Beauty products as it will significantly hurt the company’s annual sales. Let’s see how Rihanna tackles this, will she apologize or not? We’re all waiting to watch it!

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