6 Makeup Brands That Are Cruelty Free (2020)

Finding good makeup that isn’t too expensive is so hard. Now that you have a ton more questions are raised within ethics. Most makeup, skincare, and other beauty products tend to be tested on animals in order to see if the makeup is safe for public consumption. Which raises a lot of red flags when questioning what is even going into your makeup that is making companies think it’s not safe for humans? Finding companies that are fully cruelty-free is hard but with this list, it’s not impossible.

Kat Von D

five lipsticks in red and pink shades.


This brand is completely cruelty-free, with no tricks.


Closeup of a concealer.


Some of these products are even vegan, but the overall brand is cruelty-free!


Different shades on foundation scattered in bottles.


Tarte works so well on any face and doesn’t harm animals in the process.

The Body Shop

The outside of the store the body shop.


This brand has amazing cruelty free products that go far and beyond makeup.


Retail display at the store lush. Bins filled with tons of bath bombs.


This brand mainly focuses on bath products that are hand made but they are expanding into makeup.

Hard Candy

Close up of an eye putting on mascara.


If you are looking for a great brand that is really inexpensive then this is the makeup brand for you.

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