Rihanna Introduces Male Underwear Line With Plus Size Model

Rihanna is easily one of the most universally loved celebrities among the younger generations. Fans everywhere adore and admire the celebrity’s talents, style, beauty, and strong progressive stances. Rihanna started her career back in 2005 at the age of 16 when she released her first album, which sold over two million copies worldwide. Since then, she has shown followers just how wide her range of talents is. She has swept the charts with multiple hit songs, starred in big-budget movies such as Ocean’s 8 (2018) and Battleship (2012), and opened up a wildly successful lingerie line. 


Rihanna founded her lingerie line, Savage X Fenty, back in 2017. It instantly took off, and for the first time, forced Victoria’s Secret underwear and bra line to take a back seat. The annual Victoria’s Secret’s fashion shows were put to an end in 2018 when their ratings plunged. Many gave Rihanna’s up and coming lingerie line the credit for this. Where Victoria’s Secret’s fashion models were exclusively size two or slimmer, Savage X Fenty was proving to be all-inclusive. Rihanna made it clear from the get-go that anybody can be a model and ambassador for her business. Since then, she has stuck to her word and amazed the fans, clients, and striving models with her body-positive progressiveness. She has hired models of all sizes and gender identities. Many women who were turned away from previous lines for being transgender found a home and career with Savage X Fenty. 

Rihanna’s undergarments have been exclusively for women up until September of this year. She announced she was partnering with rapper Christian Combs to release a men’s wear line collection that would be ready to launch in early October. On October second Rihanna announced the 11-piece underwear line was officially open for business. She posted pictures to her personal social media page and Savage X Fenty’s to show off the products. In true Rihanna fashion, she gained the praise of fans when they saw the models she used for her new underwear line. Instead of the typically fit, ab ripping male models we are used to seeing, she chose men who were deemed more relatable. Many of the models were plus size, which men found to be a nice change of pace. Most of the time, society only focuses on women’s body positivity and forgets that men are dealing with insecurities of their own. 

The internet praised Rihanna for her choice. Men everywhere commented that rarely, if ever, have they seen products modeled by men with body shapes similar to their own. The world forgets that men, just as much as women, are subjected to body shaming. They see Hollywood stars and models with completely flawless figures, and often silently simmer in the same weight of body shame that women do. 

Rihanna has used Savage X Fenty as a platform to spread and progress body positivity among both women and men. She has allowed people of all shapes and sizes to see themselves in her models. She is redefining society’s standards for body norms, and for that, we applaud her.