Taraji P. Henson Spreads Mental Health Awareness

Taraji P. Henson is widely known for her acting career with recently starring in Empire and Coffee & Kareem, but now we can know her as an advocate for mental health. Henson is preparing to launch a new Facebook Watch talk show with a working title called Peace of MInd with Taraji. The launch will be later in 2020 and her co-host will be long-time best friend,  Tracie Jade Jenkins.

The Henson and Jenkins will interview everyday people, experts and celebrities on mental health matters, according to Variety. Now, you’re probably are not sold on the idea of Henson talking about mental health. But her target audience is to the Black community, because of the limited awareness and access in black communities. Watch this video for more reasons on why she worked hard during Covid-19 to give people peace of mind virtually.

No More Stigmas on Mental Health


After watching this video, a person can realize Henson is a huge advocate for mental health. She started the Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation in 2018 and is currently providing virtual sessions for people to tune in and ask for help. In her interview with ABC News, she encourages everyone struggling with mental health to know “It is okay to be vulnerable”.

According to BET, the foundation is named after Henson’s father who struggles with mental health as a result of his tour of duty in Vietnam. So, now do you give respect to Henson for making awareness on this subject matter? Well if you need more convincing then look at this video about her expressing her own struggles with mental health.

Working Through Her Struggles


“For me, there is no shame when I recognized I needed help,” said Henson on why she started advocating mental health. In the video above she explains that as African Americans have trauma that refers back to slavery. The African American community is still dealing with the trauma but is not acknowledging that trauma. The most common phrases in the black community are “He’s just crazy” or “She’s disrespectful” without considering that person may suffer from their own mental health.

Let’s also mention that in the African American community, representation is important. African Americans want to confide in someone who looks like them and understands them. But with only four percent of US psychologists are African American/Black, according to the American Psychological Association, the community is likely to seek help. If you still don’t understand why African Americans are reluctant with mental health, then check out the explanation below.

We Need Someone to Understand and Listen


After learning the importance of mental health, we should applaud Henson for spreading awareness and making efforts to help those in the African American community. We also, need to take the time to reflect and give space for ourselves. At this point, Henson is becoming the official Queen of Mental Health because of her activism on this matter. To everyone out there, learning and acknowledging about mental health please help others and spread awareness.

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