The Benefits Of Wearing A Silk Face Mask

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, wearing a face mask has become mandatory. While some opt for the medical version others prefer stylish masks made from various fabrics and of various designs. Whether we like it or not, maks are here to stay and from all of the masks being offered, it is hard to distinguish which ones are the better option. However, masks made from silk are becoming more and more popular. Let’s find out why!

Woman With Silk Face Mask


In the beauty industry, silk turbans and pillowcases are a favorite for many professionals. Namely, silk is less damaging to skin and hair than any other material as it causes less creasing and keeps the hair and skin from drying out. So, there surely is a benefit of wearing silk face masks, if nothing else then at least looking more luxurious.

Woman On Train With Silk Face Mask


According to medical professionals, silk masks protect even better than other fabric face masks and it easier to breathe with them. In addition, wearing a silk face mask is better for the skin. Considering that wearing a mask exposes your skin to a fabric that rubs against it and that breathing causes heat and moisture, skin irritation can occur. Hence, silk masks are better because silk is a very cooling material that does not dry out the skin, and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction than any other material. So, for people with problematic skin, silk face masks are definitely a better alternative. Plus, once washed they can be reused.

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