Here’s How Halloween Can Save Lives in 2020

Its official Halloween has been canceled this year. It should be no surprise that everyone is on high alert for symptoms with the president and first ladies’ new diagnosis. So much, so USA Today has a growing list of states that have squashed normal Halloween plans in their state. In California, Disney Annual Oggie Boogie Bash held at Disney Anaheim has been canceled.


In Orlando at universal studios, their annual Halloween horrors night has been canceled as well. Most downtown events in major cities have been canceled. As well as pumpkin patch closings. This, of course, adds to the ever-growing strain on local businesses who depend not on the holiday season.

A majority of local and nationally known amusement parks that hold annual Halloween-themed events have canceled and or postponed them pending further investigation into whether they can be held while upholding the CDC’s safety practices.

The CDC’s website has posted a list of Low, Moderate, and high-risk activities for Halloween.


Some of the Low-Risk list options are things such as Carving or decorating pumpkins at your home. Decorating your house or apartment, having a Halloween movie night, and a virtual costume contest.

Of course, not the list of high risks would be traditional trick or treating or attending traditional Halloween functions. On the moderate list is a new take on trick or treating. People can leave pre-packed bags of candy, not heir law for children o drive by and pick up to limit contact. Of course, that brings into question possible traffic concerns and groups of people out and about to pick up the candy.


Those are just suggestions, but at this point in the viruses course through the country, it doesn’t currently look like it going anywhere any time soon. While trick or treating is a past time dating back tot he 1920’s, it seems 2019 may have been the last time we would see the tradition for a while to come.

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