The 4 Fun Last-Minute Fun Halloween Costume Ideas (2020)

Whether Halloween is canceled or going on in your homes this year having a little fun within the chaos will be helpful to cheer everyone up. Now maybe you aren’t going out or planning your night last minute here are a few costume ideas for you to sift through to help look and feel great of Halloween.

A Holiday

A woman in a reindeer costume.


A great way to make a super simple costume and throw together something fun is to pick your favorite holiday and dress up as that. You might have to take a hike to the attic for these supplies but it will save you money by using supplies you already have.

A Decade

A woman dressed from the 60's drinking a martini.


Pick a fun decade and throw together a costume that makes you look like you’re from then. Easily grab a dress, throw on some pearls and get a plastic martini glass to replicate this picture here.

A Party Girl

Two girls dressed up for a party.


This is a great excuse to wear whatever you want and feel super dressed up and fancy for a night. Easily repurpose an old New Year’s Eve outfit or something you were waiting to wear but quarantine changed your plans.

A Dead Hippie

Three people dressed as hippies holding up peace signs.


Find a band t-shirt and make some cuts. Then get dressed up in the rest of your gear, get yourself some flowy pants or boot cut jeans, some woven jewlery and some round sun glasses.

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