5 Ways To Enjoy Halloween Safely (2020)

This year has been atypical, to say the least. The pandemic has forced us to do everything differently. We have been continuously jumping through hoops to carry out tasks we never used to think about twice. Adding on to the increasing list of altercations the virus has us making is Halloween. I know many will object to this statement, but going from door to door for candy surrounded by tens of other adults and children in the middle of a pandemic probably isn’t the smartest. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have your fun. People all over the country have found ways to make this Halloween work for them.

Zipline your treats

Candy and beer zip line! This family engineered a zip line using a fishing reel and drill. The device delivers prepackaged candy for the kids and a beer for parents. Whether you agree that there should be gathering restrictions or not this Halloween, you can’t deny, this is pretty nifty.

Candy delivery


Instead of going door to door asking for candy this year, drop it off at people’s houses prepackaged. Heck, do it while dressed up in a costume. Halloween is taking place on a Saturday this year, so you have the time to deliver sealed candy before trick-or-treating hours if you are avoiding crowds. Parents and children who plan on staying in that night will appreciate the safe gesture.

Candy table


Have a table with candy set out by the trick-or-treater’s route. Fill the table with baggies of sealed candy for kids to grab as they go. Refill your table in between groups. This gesture is easy and ensures no one is crowding around your door.


Decorate the crap out of your house. So you don’t do candy this year. That’s okay. Maybe focus on decking the outside of your home out with Halloween decorations. Your kids will have fun doing it, and trick-or-treaters will enjoy the spooky view. Word on the street is, 12-foot skeletons are being sold at Home Depot.

Scavenger hunt

Hershey's mini chocolate bar against a background of assorted Hershey's candy bars.

Christopher Sciacca/Shutterstock

Maybe bring some of that easter fun back with a scavenger hunt. Hide candy around the property for your household to find. Keep entertained as you search for hidden sweet treats. Wait for dark and make it a spooky event.

Yes, this year has been a bit of a downer. We were all been looking forward to Halloween, which is finally taking place on a Saturday, during a full moon. However, different doesn’t have to mean boring. There are plenty of ways to keep this holiday fun. You just have to be willing to get creative.

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