The Best Cat Makeup Looks You Will Want To Wear This Halloween (2020)

As Halloween is approaching, the time has come to think about our costumes. With so many possibilities it can be a challenge choosing the perfect costume for this year. Some days we feel like going for a cute look, other a glamorous or then sometimes a sexy one. No matter what you want your Halloween costume to look like there is always The Cat, which can be pulled off in a variety of ways. Whatever your makeup skills might be like, doing a cat makeup look for Halloween has never been easier. And if you think that your cat costume will not make you stand out you might be surprised by the tutorials we picked out. Check them out and find your favorite Halloween Cat Makeup.

Easy Cat Makeup

An easy look based on your daily makeup upgraded with a cat-eye and a cute cat nose. After doing your base, foundation, contouring, and a bit of blush and highlighter, applying a sharp eyeliner is the next step. And after that blend a bit of eyeshadow on the upper lid and bring the look together with a bit more eyeliner and black eyeshadow. Don’t forget to put that white pencil because it will give this look some extra flavor.

Vampire Cat

There is nothing like a good old black smokey eye for Halloween and this one you get to embellished with chrystals. Smokey eyes combined with a heavily contoured face and nose, and smokey lips will make you stand out. For a more vampire cat look, putt dots above the lip, and a pair of fangs.

Dark Kitty

For this amazing look create an elongated cat-eye with a cream black eyeshadow and line it with a black eyeliner for a more defined look as well as a glittery one for some extra bling. Paint the upper lip black and draw a line up to the nose. For the cute kitty nose, draw a black heart shape on top of your nose. Accentuate the cheekbones and paint the edges of your forehead and jawline black and then blend. For details use a white liner to draw thin hairlines and draw whiskers. And if you still want to level it up, eye-contacts and a matching hairstyle will make this look extra Meow.

Glamorous Cat

This look is all about contouring and glitter. So, contour your face to emphasize your cheekbones, define your eyes, and create a cut-crease. Use black eyeshadow to make the eyes more defined, and then create a cat-eye with eyeliner. For the glam factor put glitter on your upper eyelid and later on the lower lip. As this is a cat makeup look don’t forget the nose and paint it with black eyeliner as well as the upper lip and whiskers.

Scary Cat

To create this look define the eyes with soft eyeshadow and then create a thick cat-eye with black eyeliner. Contour the face and nose,  and draw a black kitty nose at the top. To complete the cat details draw extra hair on the eyebrow to make it look animal-like and paint a white mustache on top of which you will draw back dots and whiskers. For the scary element of this look use wax and fake blood to create the effect of a scratch.

Sexy Cat

If you want to be the sexy cat on Halloween create a dark evening cat-eye look. Define your brows and contour your nose and cheeks. For cat details, paint a cat nose and draw whiskers, and don’t forget the red ombre lips which will make this look sexy.

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