Halloween College Campus Party Rules During COVID

Its that time of year, Halloween, and the list of parties anywhere is long. Especially for college campuses. It normally would belong, but in light of COVID -19, college campuses are cracking down on parties and instituting punishments should one be thrown.

As it stands, most schools have issued blanketed statements in terms of social gathers and even visitors. Some school has even issued warnings that if people are caught throwing parties they will be suspended. With the Holiday season gearing up, more and more schools will undoubtedly issue precise instructions and warnings to speak in terms of Holiday parties.

Currently, The Washington Post reports despite many college campuses ‘ detailed planning to contain and eliminate the virus on campus, parties that have already been held and gathering, s are quickly overshadowing the meticulous planning.


Campuses are reporting higher and higher numbers each week. The true question is, what is in store for next semester? Some schools have already released new options for students. Stating that while they will start with virtual sessions, they may move back to in-class sessions, but will give all students the option to go back into the classroom if they choose.

Gone are the days of Halloween bashes and frats/sorority parties. The new normal for college campuses is social distancing and squashing social functions. We saw the introduction of virtual graduations this year. Some schools are introducing their first virtual homecomings this semester.

The biggest question is, with the ever-present Covid-19 threat looming, once a cue is found, will anything ever truly go back to the way it was.

Each campus’s rules are tailored for the student base, but all are in agreement. U.S News reports that most campuses are in agreement.¬†Parties cannot happen, large gathers of any sort are a danger, and the consequences are ever-growing in lite of all the rule-breaking.

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