Why College Relationships Don’t Last After Graduation?

You can remember the burst of excitement you felt in your stomach when it was your first day at college. New place, new books, new friends, and yeah, new people you can hit on!

Dating in college life is almost being transferred to a magical world. You can hear violins in your head when you see his/ head. All the canteen romance and staircase kisses… how can you forget them?

But Hey! Do college relationships last?

To be disappointingly honest, only the rare ones. Many of them go straight to the category of past mistakes and memories.

So, if you are also asking, why don’t the college relationships last after graduation? 

We have got you covered.

  1. The people falling in love are adolescents who don’t know what they really want from life.

College students who end up giving commitment vows by their “LOVE YOUs” and pinky promises, don’t know who they are exactly, leave alone the idea of knowing who their partner is in reality.

They don’t even know properly what they want from their lives. The starry dreams they have in their eyes sadly have no place in the real world.

Life’s gonna be hard after college, it’s a no secret. Life often doesn’t go the way we planned it to be. And shit happens.

This is one of the main reasons that relationships end up after graduation.

A guy who wants love may be confused and engaged in swingers dating while devil playboys can be in a serious relationship with a girl.

After a while, they got to realise that it’s not what they wanted! And things take a dramatic turn.

  1. The College is just a frog’s well and the world is much bigger.

You see a girl in college. She has soft straight hair and the perfect body you always wanted. You fall in love with her and make promises of a future.

College ends. You go to places and BAM! There is a huge crowd of females who are much better than your girl in every sense! 

More beautiful, more intelligent.

And so you lose interest in the girl and start giving a shot to dating other girls you find irresistibly hot. Obviously here there’s no love just the guy is attracted to the women.

This goes the same for the women. 

No matter how much you believe in the power of your love, there will come a point when you will see other people and realise you made a commitment too early in your life. There’s so much more to explore!

Believe me, 6 out of 10 college sweethearts break up due to this reason.

  1. Long Distance kills the relationships overtime.

After college, you have to knock many doors before you get the job you are truly satisfied with. 

This means leaving your house and changing places for jobs. You getting transferred to a different city and your partner to another.

The long distance that has just entered causes a trouble for couples.

College sweethearts are accustomed to spending almost their 24 hours together with their partners. Attending classes together, doing projects together, going on college trips together, participating in events together.

Suddenly, you have to do something very important (job) which you are going to do not together. 

The change becomes too much and a college lover fails to handle this.

  1. A sudden load of shuffling work life and love life is too much for the poor mind.

Getting a job and working on it takes more than half of your days’ time. On top of that if your workplace is at a long distance, that means you are travelling too much and giving your partner the smallest fraction of your time.

Not spending sufficient quality time, thinking of work- and work-related issues with shutting the entry of your beau’s thoughts in your mind to concentrate on work – these elements are sure to create differences between the two of you.

You are not free anymore nor is your mind to think of planning different special surprises, thinking how to handle their tantrums, what to do to make their day or to meet every day to go for a long walk.

Lack of commitment in anything snatches the object away from you. 

Now it’s your decision to make, showing commitment to your lover or showing commitment to your work?

And here’s the sour pill, people chose the later when in such situations. (..and they should chose the later)

  1. You get to know that your choices are not in the same direction.

But we like the same movies and sang the same songs!! 🙁

No, it doesn’t goes this way.

Life after college is not just about your favorite movie star or flavors of ice-cream.

Couples realize their likes, dislikes, life choices, lifestyles are different.

Their conception of marriage, children, home shows conflict within themselves. Having different aims, goals, and choice of hopes may come in the way of their settlement.

Even if couples love each other dearly, if their life choices fail to match, they are forced to give up on their relationship.

  1. One of the partners was not serious about the relationship​ from the beginning.

Let’s face this. There’s always a person who was giving in more effort, showing more love, and who was more serious in a relationship. 

If a partner breaks up with you right after finishing college, it means you were too naive to notice their real selfish intentions or they were a pro in faking love.

While many people engage in hookups, one-night stands, and swinging, many chose the safe spot just to be secure and chose a relationship.

They can be with you just for the sake of having a romantic partner in college with whom they can watch romantic movies, or for fame, or sex.

After the graduation ceremony is over, they realise their intentions are met and now they have nothing to do with their partner.

So, they leave their partner heartbroken and move on with their life to find another relationship in their new place of job or in their next educational institution.

Entering into college relationships are scary. You know it can mess up with your studies. Yet, you take a chance because your heart says so.

Some relationships work even after college, which is rare. Now it’s up to you if you want to come out clean or make mistakes which you love to make. 😉

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