Celebrate National Pizza Month With These Deals (2020)

We’re facing midterms, student loan cash running low and cooking every day has become a chore but pizza has one month that is dedicated to people around the world to celebrate.  Pizza companies and restaurants throughout the U.S. are offering deals to customers because October is National Pizza Month. And this news is music to all of our ears right about now with our busy schedules of being college students. Now that we’re excited about cheap and or free pizza for the entire month of October, let’s check out some deals.

A Simple Box That Offers Flavor

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You may, or may not know that Margherita Pizza is named after Queen Margherita of Savoy. What we’re guessing you definitely don’t know, is that she was almost the Queen of Romania. She was supposed to marry King Carol I of Romania but ended up marrying her cousin, who was the heir to the Italian throne. On a trip to Naples a pizza was named after her, similar to this beautiful frozen-fresh creation; our very own Margherita Pizza. So what we’re really trying to say is that she could have had Romanian Cabbage Rolls named after her, which is still cool, but pretty weird right? Maybe not as weird as marrying her first cousin, but weird nonetheless.⠀ ⠀ #GrainFreeze #AFisForAlmondFlour #Cappellos

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Capello will run deals for the entire month of October at various supermarkets, including Whole Foods. Just pick up a box at your preferred store because there is no code necessary.

Give Me More Pizza Please

Papa Johns will offer a year of free pizza for four fans every week, on Mondays, in October. To enter the contest just check out the company’s Twitter and complete a “fun, simple challenge” and respond to the original post. Each Friday, Papa John’s will announced the winner and that person will receive its “Upper Crust” card to get a free pizza per day for an entire year.

Hey Mom, Do You Have $10

Pizza Hut is offering two deals for the month of October and now is the time to get mom on the phone or grab some friends to pay an even lower cost for the pizzas. Anyways, they’re selling their large three-topping pizza for just $9.99, for both delivery and pickup, as well as a deal for two medium one-topping pizzas for $12.99 thanks to the new Double it Box.

Casey’s Back

According to Thrillist sources, Casey’s is offering a deal to get 2 large single topping pizza for $8.99. Also, if you’re a Casey’s Reward Member then you can get a free 2-liter when purchasing a large pizza.

The Whole Package

Grimaldi’s is offering a deal that is just for $25. Just hear me out before anyone says that’s way out of my budget. Grab some friends to split the cost because everyone will get full and have leftovers. A person can get an 18-inch traditional cheese pizza, a small house or Ceaser salad, and a choice of a slice of cheesecake or two mini cannolis. The only downside is that if you’re in New York, New Jersey or Connecticut then it’s not available.

Hunger Craving Deal

Don’t you just have “Love Hope and Pizza” during this month? For Hungry Howie’s national campaign this year, they are supporting NBCF’s COVID-19 Relief Fund, which helps provide breast cancer patients with care. The company is offering one medium single topping pizza for only $1 with online purchase of one large 1-topping pizza using the code LHPBOGO. Customers can also have the option to round up their change with purchases to help the cause.

There are so many deals and freebies going on for National Pizza Month that we might just get tired of it next month. We love to celebrate National Pizza Month.

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