How To Build The Perfect Going Out Makeup Look In 3 Steps

It’s so hard to build the perfect makeup look for people who don’t do makeup or aren’t used to doing makeup. These next few steps will help you build the perfect makeup look to assure you look great going out.

Step 1: The Face

A woman putting foundation on.


Start by Priming, concealing, and putting foundation on your face. Set this all with powder, add some highlighter on the cheekbones, and contour with a bronzer. Contouring might seem scary but keep it simple, suck in your cheeks and gently brush bronzer then apply some to the corners of your forehead.

Step 2: Eyebrows

A woman filling in her eyebrows.


Grab an eyebrow brush, pencil, and gel. Brush your brows in place then lightly fill them in with the pencil. Brush them once again to evenly distribute the color and then set them with a gel.

Step 3: Eyes

A woman applying eyeshadow.


Take an eyeshadow primer and place that over your lids. Take a lighter color such as a shimmery white and place that on your lids, then take a light version of a darker color and place that on the outside corner of your lid, finally take a dark version of that darker color and brush that into your crease. Take a light white or cream color and brush a small amount on your brow bone right beneath your brow. Add eyeliner and mascara to complete it!

This is the simplest version of a going-out makeup look, add blush, lipstick, or even fake lashes to step this up a notch.

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