What You Should Know About Dating During COVID-19: Safety Recommendations 

Dating might be tough for some people, even in calm and healthy times. Choosing “the one and only” is difficult, let alone making important decisions within the relationship. After all, it’s two different universes trying to coexist in a partnership!

Nowadays, though, even a sweet first date at a cafe is a challenging task due to the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed all aspects of our lives, including romance. But don’t get all discouraged just yet – we have recommendations that, if followed, will stabilize your dating life in a pandemic.

How to Date During COVID-19?

If you’re willing to take the challenge, we are willing to help you with a set of recommendations:

  • Consider virtual dating.
    The only option for 100% COVID-proof dating is creating an account on international dating sites for marriage. You can find out everything about your partner there and then do a video date, having a cup of coffee together. If you already have a partner, do the same thing but skip the dating sites and apps, of course.
  • Consider your comfort level.
    Think about what is comfortable for you during a pandemic. Will you feel better wearing a mask on a date? Do you feel like a safe distance will make things better when you go out? Talk about it with your partner to make sure you two think the same, and there will be no problem if one of you decides to stay at home or take a walk instead of going to a bar.
  • Consider staying outside.
    Doctors say it’s much safer to stay outside and to go to a picnic somewhere. You won’t be surrounded by people; the place will be constantly ventilated. We all miss restaurants and bars, but nowadays, your health and safety are the main priorities.
  • Consider getting tested.
    Find out if your workplace provides free testing. In that case, get tested regularly. But even if not, consider checking on yourself from time to time. It will relieve some of your anxiety and provide a safe ground for dating (if your partner does the same).

By choosing the right places and throwing in several vital precautions, you can create a whole new dating format, which will also be fun.

How Safe Is It to Date During a Pandemic?

Unless you’re staying at home alone 24/7, everything has a little risk. Everyday stuff like going outside for a walk, doing groceries, etc. becomes a challenge. Dating also comes with a risk, especially if you’re going to visit crowded places to spend your romantic Friday night.

However, precautions were developed for a reason. People can minimize the risk of getting COVID-19 if they:

  • Stay away from large gatherings of people;
  • Wear a mask;
  • Wash hands regularly for over 20 seconds;
  • Disinfect personal belongings;
  • Use gloves when necessary;
  • Keep a safe distance of 6ft.

It doesn’t mean that you have to spray your date head to toes and make them walk 6ft away from you at all times. But take the precautions seriously, and the risk will be minimal.

We know you must have learned all this information by heart after hearing it everywhere, but these simple things can save lives.

The verdict: It’s recommended to minimize contact with the people who don’t live with you. However, with proper precautions, going on a date is acceptable. Of course, it’s much better if you’ve been seeing each other for a while now. Going on the first date with someone new might be riskier. But there are online dating websites and tons of software for video calls, so if you’re choosing to self-isolate, remember that the Internet is always there for you!


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