6 Fun & Delicious Halloween Cocktails and Mocktails (2020)

Halloween is approaching quickly, which means it is time to bring out the decorations, costumes, candy, and fun drinks. We might not be able to throw the typical Halloween parties we are used to, but that does not mean we can’t have fun. I can already check off decorations and costumes on my Halloween preparation list and am ready to move on to the cocktail and mocktail portion. Making fun and creative drinks was always my favorite part of Halloween growing up, and I want to help you enjoy it too. 

Vampire’s Bloody Mocktail


This mocktail has a spooky and raspberry flair to it. The drink is appropriate for vampires of all ages who are craving something sweet and fruity. The necessary ingredients are accessible at any local supermarket. You can find the recipe and list of supplies on Medicareful Living’s website.

Eyeball Snot-Tail


The drink recipe provided by goodfood is absolutely delicious once you get over how real and creepy it looks. This alcohol-free potion is fun for anyone to brew. Not only is the apple and lime flavored drink fun to make, but it is also relatively healthy. I highly recommend it.

Black Magic Margaritas


As someone who is over 21 and loves a good margarita, this might easily be my favorite drink. The recipe provided by delish always does well at parties too. The dark and eerie brew is easy to make and contains ingredients that are at most local liquor stores. I know many people are home from college this year and are not looking forward to spending Halloween with your parents, so why not spice up your night and theirs with this fun drink?

Drunken Peanut Butter Cups

You can’t do Halloween without the candy. This drink recipe provided by delish incorporates everyone’s favorite and classic peanut butter treat. It’s easy to make and is loved by anyone with a sweet tooth. Make sure you give yourself 24 hours to make the cocktail, as it requires overnight refrigeration. I promise it will be worth the work.

J-E-L-L-Glow Shots


College students looking to have fun with a small group of friends on Halloween night should look this way. This jello shot recipe from delish’s website is a fun way to spice up the night. Everyone who is on a budget will enjoy this too. The ingredients are simple, minimum, and won’t cost you more than $20 all together.

Melting Monster Halloween Punch


Let’s end the list with one more 21 and under friendly drink, provided by speckled. This drink is both fun and delicious for all ages. The sorbet ice cream flavor of your choosing makes this recipe a wonderful fruity and fizzy Halloween option.

Halloween is different this year. We might not be spending it with our friends or at parties as we usually do. However, that does not mean you can’t have fun with the people you are with. Spice up your gathering with a few spooky drink recipes and make the most out of your Halloween night.  

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