Learn How To Do The Perfect Cat-Eye For Your Eyes

The Cat Eye is probably one of the most popular looks many of us makeup lovers want to pull off. Even though tricky, we still strive to do the perfect cat-eye look. Many of us have seen our favorite movie stars and models wearing the cat-eye and wished to look just like them. But, we just seem not to be getting it right. Well, the trick is in doing the cat-eye that suits your eye-shape the best. Yes, eye-shape! Not everyone has the same shape of eyes. While some have round eyes, others might have almond-shaped or hooded eyes. Now with that being said, it is time to learn how to properly apply that eyeliner and to do the perfect cat eye for your eyes.

Cat Eye Makeup For Hooded Eyes


The problem with hooded eyes is the extra skin that creates a fold once the hooded eyes are open. When drawing the line the trick is to look out for how the line is going to look once the eyes are open and not just how the line looks with closed eyes. So, how to draw the eyeliner in this case? Extend the line of the lower eyelash, and then from the tip of the wing draw the line to the upper lash line into one-third of the eye. After that, there will be a gap where the skin folds, and then join the two-line ends and fill them in. The result should be a straight wing once the eyes are open. For the finishing touch, feel free to draw a very thin line across the upper lashline. In addition to working around the fold another way is to avoid the fold by extending the lower lashline and drawing back in below the skin fold. Also, the third way is to again extend the lower lash, and draw the wing and the line below the fold in a very thin way.

Cat Eye Tutorial For Deep Set Eyes


If you have deep-set eyes the trick towards the perfect cat-eye is in stabilizing your elbows and looking straight in the mirror while drawing a thin line next to your last eyelash on the outer side. Then extend it and bring together with a thinner line that starts at the inner corner of the eye. The important thing is looking straight in the mirror and drawing according to how you want it to look with eyes open.

Cat Eye Tutorial For Almond Shaped Eyes


The easiest eye for making a perfect cat-eye is an almond-shaped eye. Extend the end of the lash line and make a placement towards where the line should be drawn out. Then draw towards the inside from that point and make sure the eyeliner is thicker on the ends and thinner on the inside part of the eye.

Cat Eye Tutorial For Downturned Eyes


With eyeliner, you can give your droopy eyes a lift up. Pay attention to where your eyebrows finish and how that line could continue. While looking straight into the mirror continue the line of your lower eyelash up towards the invisible line of your eyebrows. The most important thing is to draw the line with your open eyes. Also, the eyeliner should be applied from the center of the upper lash line up, which will lift the eye on the exact part where it is going down.

Cat Eye Makeup For Round Eyes


With the eyeliner, you can create the illusion of more like almond-shaped eyes. Start on the outer corner and draw up. If your eyes are very round then do a long line that will elongate them. Determine where on the eyelid you want the liner to go back in and then connect it to the lash line back down. For big round eyes, the eyeliner should be thick so it can effectively create the illusion of cat-eyes.

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