This Is How You Can Make It Through A Confusing Online Semester

College can be a super confusing time for most people. Underneath the fun nights out and constant hanging with friends is left to be a person who is overworked, overtired, and has little to no money. Now most schools aren’t fully in person whether some of your classes are online due to COVID-19, or you’re taking online college or you chose to lighten your in-person load this semester figuring out how to handle online school can be pretty hectic. This will help guide you through completing online classes, maybe getting involved around the online campus, and give you time off.

Online School Is Not Harder

A girl watching an online lecture


Some think that online school is going to be harder because professors have this notion that people take online classes to slack off so they deliberately add more work to make kids take the in-person version. In most cases, I and peers have found this to not be true. When you get your syllabus it might seem like an overwhelming amount of work but you must remember that the three or more hours you usually spend in class staring at the wall doesn’t exist with online work. Easiest way to divide your work load is to plan days you will sit down to finish it. If you usually would fill an opening in your schedule from two to five with a class but it’s open then fill it with your online work. Therefore you feel like you are just continuing a normal routine then forcing yourself to sit down and do homework. Another way to help you get through this is to turn on your notifications. I know so many people who do not have their school email notifications on which is a horrible idea when it comes to online classes. You will not be seeing the professor once or twice a week where they remind you what needs to be done and when so they might communicate through email. Keeping your notifications on will help you finish your work.

Check Lists Are A Must

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This might seem like a repetitive thing to hear because most people always say to make a checklist. If you aren’t the type of person to carry notes with you or a planner then pull up the Stickies app on your computer and make a quick checklist there. The best part is it can stay on your desktop screen constantly reminding you what needs to be done. The simplest and most effective way to do this checklist is to place the date you should complete the work next to the assignment. For example if you have time on a Tuesday to do your Spanish homework thats due Thursday then write next to the assignment do Tuesday therefore you will never leave anything till the last minute.

Use Your Resources

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There are plenty of resources that schools offer online that no one pays attention to, but in reality your tuition payed for those resources to exist, so use them. Online tutoring is a great way to either get involved and make money on campus or to be tutored online is a great way to get remote help for any class. Another way to get involved is to join clubs. Most clubs are now offering online work to be done because most of the student body is not on campus. This will also help build your resume for the future.

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