3 Ways To Celebrate Halloween While Staying Safe From Covid-19

This year is clearly going a bit differently than everyone planned. Usually around this time, many are attending multiple Halloween parties and getting ready for the big day itself. However, this year is becoming pretty boring pretty fast because all we feel we are left to is staying home. Some are even thinking about risking it all just to not be bored anymore, but that is not necessary when these three ideas are a great way to celebrate the holiday.


Array of beer with pumpkins around it.


This twist on a childhood favorite will have you feeling a bit mischievous. Grab some candy and your favorite Halloween alcohol, a great choice is pumpkin beer. Print out a cute note that keeps the chain going. Leave the treats on the front door of your friend’s house and be sure to sneak off without being seen.

Outdoor Halloween Movie

People outside watching a movie.


Take the white sheet you were going to make a ghost costume out of and put it to even better use. Hang that up outside and project your favorite Halloween movie. Set out some chairs or blankets to set the perfect place to sit and lay out some Halloween themed treats.

Board Game Night

People around a stable playing a game.


Grab a round of your friends who have been safely keeping a distance, or get everyone tested so you know you are all safe. Clue would be the perfect accompaniment for this night because it goes with the theme. Make a spooky cheese board by cutting some cheese into pumpkin shapes, grabbing some ghost-shaped crackers, and some perfectly themed drinks.

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